How to turn your iPhone pictures into works of art (and amazing gifts)

You’ve taken a great photo, shared it online, now what? Here are some tips from printing company Printwild, who have suggestions for how to turn your images into decorative art, physical memories, and even gifts.

As you know, phone cameras make it very easy to capture top-quality images, and while we sometimes share them with friends and followers, we seldom get around to printing them. We all seem to have the same reasons:

  • Lost digital files
  • Overwhelming amount of images to sort through
  • Too expensive
  • Can’t decide on which image to print

This article, Print your Images or Risk Losing them , got us thinking. If you want your images to survive what experts are calling the Digital Dark Age, you’re going to have to print them out. We digitise and digitally file everything thinking it will preserve our artifacts, but in fact this tends to bury the files further into nothingness.

With technology improvements on megapixel count, sensor, pixel size and focal length, phone pictures are now being taken seriously in wall art and decor circles.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 21.59.01

Pic: iPhoneography 2014


Here’s a couple of tips for tackling a print project:

  • Find a blank wall in your home or office and decide on a size, colour and style of image that would suit it. Then, either shoot something with intention or think about one of your past images that could become a feature here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 16.44.15

Pic: @MustangMackay, PrintWild stretched canvas

  • Consider the decor of the room and the people’s taste that will be using the room, abstract and landscape images work well in offices for example as faces or specific subject matter can be hard to live with, and become dated quickly.



Pic: Mike Kaplan, PrintWild White Contemporary Frame

  • If you’re looking for a personal photo to turn into artwork then give it some thought before looking at your digital archives. Think about a memory or event that you’d like to be reminded of often and then go looking for that folder. If you start browsing without a plan you’re going to lose interest.
  • If it’s a photo wall you’d like then decide on what or who is going to be included in it first, make folders of each of these subjects and select top 3 images of each. Then walk away, coming back the next day to make a call on the top image in each folder. Projects like these need some focus and planning or else you’ll never get them done.


Pic: Kim Steinberg images, product 15 x 15cm Faceblocks by PrintWild


The way you print and frame your images is as important as the image itself, some factors to consider:

  • Budget. A wall of Silverback Acrylic prints is going to be a whole lot more expensive than other options for example. Fun wooden photo blocks are trendy and easy to update or rearrange with minimal cost.
  • Décor. Once again, consider the room the image will be displayed in. A classic frame for traditional setting, a chic acrylic print for a minimalist environment or a framed canvas for a fool-proof option that suits most environments.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.57.27

Pic: Greg da Silva,, Product PrintWild Silverback Acrylic print

  • Image quality. Acrylics showcase exceptional quality images, particularly with vibrant colours. This is not the medium to print in from Facebook photo albums! Canvas prints are more forgiving, fine art matte paper works well for most illustrations and photographs and metallic paper is breathtaking when used for particular styled images.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.00.05

Pic: Andrew Aveley, Product Premium Stretched Canvas, PrintWild.

  • Size. Once again, this is dictated by the quality of your image. It’s best to submit the image as it was shot, rather than to try enlarge it yourself or oversharpen it. Leave this to the experts, the best file for them to start with is the original.


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Pic: Andrew Aveley,


 If you can’t commit to one image then look into making a collage, turning it into one talking point artwork featuring many memories.


Pic: PrintWild Black Contemporary Frame


Printed images make memorable gifts, once your walls are full surprise your friends and family with personal photo gifts that they’ll treasure forever.

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