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To be the best - or even just a bit better - you need to learn from the best. That’s why iStore created a series of events, workshops, and performances hosted by industry leaders to help you get the most out of your Apple products. To start you off we’ve selected a couple of key events taking place in the next couple of weeks.
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New topics, workshops, and events are added frequently so be sure to check in regularly for more.

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They say the best camera in the world is the camera you have on you. So let’s show you how to take your iPhone photo skills to the next level. See your new homebound life in a new way by using lighting, exposure, and other amazing photo editing features on your iPhone to create lasting memories. Get ready to capture every photo op like a pro.
Lights. iPhone. Action! Get your story started with this session that’ll see you capture the best video with your iPhone. We'll cover a variety of shooting techniques including how to control exposure, setting focus, slow-mo and more. From shooting a story for social media, a movie of your latest adventure or capturing a special moment in time, iPhone will help you tell your story best.
iPhone is built with security and privacy in mind. You get to control exactly what information is shared and who has to access it. We’ll explore these features and learn how to best keep your personal information safe no matter where you are.
Getting fit with a partner is much easier than getting fit on your own. So let’s introduce you to your new ultimate home workout partner, the Apple Watch. Let Apple Watch help you stay active whilst you're homebound by tracking your workouts, creating challenges so you can go toe-to-toe with friends and family or simply monitor and improve your overall health.
Working from home? Then mastering shortcuts, multitasking, file management and a range of other work from home tips and tricks will help you get things done better than ever. Let us show you how simply these and other features built into your Mac will help you to work faster, more efficiently and increase your productivity. Take away a wide range of techniques that’ll help you and your Mac get more done, effortlessly.
Teenagers are being brought up in a world that is centred around technology. Teens communicate through various social media platforms that parents struggle to understand. Let us help you make sure your teens are safe using technology by using Apple product features that monitor and control device usage. Have more control over the Apple devices in your home and use them beyond just entertainment, as a powerful educational tool.
It is fun to experiment with code. Learn how a computer processes code and how to write your own using the Swift Playgrounds app. Explore different challenges and solve puzzles whilst learning the Swift programming language, created by Apple and used by many professionals to make apps.

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