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We all think we have the most amazing music library that no one can resist having the feels for. But truth be told, music tastes vary so much that while you’re singing your heart out to Adele’s new track, someone else is skipping it faster than you can say, “Hello… it’s me”.

Whatever your taste, iStore has something for you, and there’s no safer bet than buying someone the gift of music - whether it’s headphones, speakers or iTunes vouchers to spend on some Adele, or Boney M, since tis the season and all.

With your Apple device, and the help of some nifty apps and Apple Music, you basically have the world of music at your fingertips and the ability to create it, share it or keep it to yourself. It’s pretty much all up to you. 


Have you given iTunes DJ a go? It lets you choose random songs from your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPod Touch. Do you know what makes this feature incredibly awesome? You can use the Remote app to ‘vote’ for songs in the iTunes DJ playlist. Majority wins, and we all know everyone loves a good T. Swift track! 

If you don’t see iTunes DJ on your playlist, you will find it in the iTunes Playlists section in the iTunes Source list.


SHARING PLAYLISTS - There are many reasons why people rave about Apple Music. One of which is you can sharing playlists. Under the “My Music” section, there are three dots on the right hand side. Just tap those and you are given an array of options. One of them is ‘Share Playlist’. You can send a link to friends via social media (Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook), for them to gain access to your music.

If you’re looking expand your music horizons, may we suggest a few of our playlists that we’re into?

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