Reboot that New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are always really motivating in January. But, by the time March hits, there are less road runners, more empty parking bays outside of the gym and even less packed, healthy lunches sitting at work colleagues’ desks. Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolutions? You aren’t alone. A British study found that out of the 35% of people who make resolutions, 80% of them would have given up in less than three months. You can take comfort in being one of the many demotivated faders, or you can continue reading to find ways in which you can reboot your 2016 resolutions and turn this year into your healthiest yet!

There are a ton of fitness apps around, which is great. But we want to tell you about some apps that keep your motivation and energy levels at an all time high, so you can’t ignore those feel good endorphins after a workout and amp you up for the next one. Yes, it does happen!




Every one wants to be fit and healthy, but you know how it is, you’ve got to “Adult”. That’s what’s so great about FitStar. If you’ve got 7 minutes, you’ve got time for a FitStar session. This app adjusts workouts based on the feedback you give after each session, each move, each repetition. So it progresses as you do. And if you need some extra motivation, get your friends to download the app and cheer each other on or, if you’re keen for some friendly competition, you can start a challenge. It’s also compatible with your Fitbit which is an added bonus. (Free)



Sweat With Kayla  

If you haven’t heard of Kayla Itsines BBG guide by now, then we suggest you check your internet connection. This fitness fanatic is all over social media. Kayla creates 12 week workout programs that requires you to train three times a week for 28 minutes a session. It sounds easy, but don’t be mistaken. These workouts will leave you sweating like a beast and super motivated to keep moving.

Kayla’s app features a daily menu, a grocery list as well as the ability to take and store progress photos. The eating plans are actually really tasty and you won’t be living off bland rice cakes, that make diets hard to stick to. (R379.99)




This app is huge across the globe. Based on height, weight and age, you will get a personalised plan to help reach your weight and nutritional goals. Lifesum is extremely user-friendly. You can track your Nutritional and calorific intake by plugging in what you eat. Usually these apps are quite frustrating, as you can never find South African products, but LifeSum does have local goodies listed in the app!

If you have a fitness tracker, you can connect it to LifeSum app too to get the most out of your rejuvenated motivation. (Free)

Well there you have it, three really fantastic apps that will revitalise your New Year’s Resolution. Be in the minority and let’s challenge those stats. You can do it!   

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