Next level holiday fun with iPad

Have a ball

Simply put, holidays mean countless hours of play time. If you’re a parent, make play time count by giving your kids their first introduction to programming and coding in an incredibly visual, engaging, and hands-on way with Sphero. Let them create their own games and programs to control where Sphero goes for valuable skills development and endless hours of fun.


Cook up a storm

Turn meal times into a team effort this holiday with apps like Kitchen Stories which include photos and videos to make cooking fun and simpler than ever for family and friends. Why not have a cook off and crown this holiday’s Masterchef? Things can get messy so we suggest you follow these helpful tips:


  • Use the nifty HiRise stand for iPad (in Rose Gold, mom’s favourite) to keep the iPad propped up while you cook for everyone to see. There will be no excuses when the cake doesn’t rise!
  • Make sure you turn off Auto Lock in General Settings on your iPad so that the screen doesn’t turn off at the crucial moment when you’re desperately looking for step number 3 and your hands are covered in sticky choc chip cookie dough.
  • Things can get pretty messy around the kitchen when the spoons are flying and sauce is spilling everywhere. Protect your iPad from grubby greasy fingers by slipping a clear zip lock bag over it.


Make memories you’ll remember forever

Going away for the holidays? Why not keep a record of your adventure that everyone at home can share in by creating an interactive travel journal on your iPad using the TripCast app. Capture your special moments by taking photos and videos everywhere you go and uploading instantly straight from your iPad. Give your videos the professional cutting edge with iMovie for iOS.  With incredible features at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create an award winning film to share with the rest of your family and friends that will make them feel as though they were right there with you!


Apps to enjoy:



Kitchen Stories

Now anyone can cook with these easy to follow photos and videos that give all the steps you need to create your cooking masterpiece. 





The best way to journal and share your travel adventures. Load photos and videos by location and instantly share with friends, TripCast is the perfect app to make sure no misses out.



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