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MTN package details

  • MTNChoice Flexi R110


    MTNChoice Flexi R200


    MTNChoice Flexi R350


    MTNChoice Flexi R500


    MTNChoice Flexi R750


    MTNChoice Flexi R1000


    MTNChoice Flexi R1200


    MTNChoice Flexi R1500


  • MTN Made for Me S

    50 min | 50 sms | 350MB

    MTN Made for Me M

    150 min | 100 sms | 1GB

    MTN Made for Me L

    200 min | 100 sms | 2GB

    MTN Made for Me XL

    300 min | 100 sms | 5.5GB

  • MTN Sky Lite

    Unlimited minutes | Unlimited SMS | 3GB

    MTN Sky Supreme

    Unlimited minutes | Unlimited SMS | Unlimited Data

    MTN Made for Me S TopUp

    50 min | 50 sms | 350MB

    MTN Made for Me M TopUp

    150 min | 150 sms | 1GB

    MTN Made for Me L TopUp

    200 min | 200 sms | 2GB

    MTN Made for Me XL TopUp

    300 min | 300 sms | 5.5GB

*Please note not all packages apply to all devices. iStore cellular consultants will confirm availability.



Terms and conditions

MTN Online Contract Upgrade: The current online contract upgrade program is limited to MTN consumer upgrades on iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR. MTN online cellular upgrades can only be concluded by completing the entire online upgrade process. iStore will endeavour to ensure that online upgrade requests will be fulfilled as soon as inventory is available, however on occasion there may be delays due to supply constraints. Should you wish to change or cancel your online contract upgrade, you will need to follow the current iStore refund process. Please refer to our refund and return funds section on our terms and conditions page. Online cellular upgrades will be delivered by courier only. You will not be able to collect your online upgraded iPhone from an iStore. Due to the nature of our business, the specific cellular package deals could change at any point in time. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all completed documentation, signatures and supporting documents are submitted timeously to avoid any delays.