Apple Certified repairs while you wait.

Make your iPhone new again.

Sometimes bad things happen to great products. But that doesn’t mean that they’re beyond repair. iStore now offers Apple Certified iPhone repairs while you wait at selected stores nationwide, at a highly competitive price. So you can get back to enjoying your favourite product in no time.


Screen, battery and other repairs.

A full range of Apple Certified repairs available at iStore.

  • Eligible repairs can be carried out on iPhones that have been damaged by forms of accidental damage, which are limited to LCD fractures and glass fractures, or damage caused by defects in materials and/or workmanship.

  • Ineligible repairs apply to iPhones that have third party displays, missing displays, intentional tampering, missing or disassembled parts of the display and catastrophic damage. There will be a R600 additional levy applied to restore your iPhone back to an Apple Certified condition.

Screen repairs

Available for the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 6s


  • iPhone 7


  • iPhone 8


  • iPhone 6s Plus,
    7 Plus


  • iPhone 8 Plus, XR


  • iPhone X


  • iPhone Xs


  • iPhone Xs Max


Battery replacements

Available for the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 5s, SE


  • iPhone 6, 6s


  • iPhone 7, 8


  • iPhone 6, 6s Plus,
    8 Plus and 7 Plus


  • iPhone X


  • iPhone XR


  • iPhone Xs, Xs Max



  • Eligible iPhones purchased from outside of South Africa cannot be serviced in store and will need to be sent away to the central service centre. This is applicable to all hardware repairs and includes screens and batteries.

Apple Certified Repairs.

iStore is an Apple Certified repairs provider which means that after a repair your iPhone will retain its warranty, trade-in value and work the way it’s supposed to.


Repairs while you wait*.

You can now walk into any of the below stores before 16:00 on weekdays to have your iPhone screen and battery replaced while you wait. No bookings or appointments required at all.


Here’s how to get your product ready for it’s big day.

Steps to follow before handing in your product for repairs.

  • Sign out of iCloud

    During the repair process your product will be restored. In order to do this, we require your product to be signed out of iCloud and Find my Mac/iPhone/iPad deactivated.

  • Back up your product

    During the repair process your Product will need to be re-calibrated. This process will wipe all of the content currently on your product. Creating a back up will ensure you’re able to restore your product back to your preference.

  • Fully charge your product

    During the repair process your product will need to be fully charged in order to run a diagnostic report to determine whether it or any of its other components are fully functional.

Apple Certified repairs to any other Apple products.

Repairs to Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods, Apple TV and iPod.


iStore offers Apple Certified repairs on a wide range of Apple products. These repairs are carried out at our Service Centres that are capable of performing small to large scale repairs as well as unit replacements of Apple products. All repairs ensure your product’s warranty and trade-in values are retained, as well as ensuring that your product works exactly the way it's supposed to. Simply book a technical appointment below to have your product assessed.