Give the mom in your life the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

Give the mom in your life the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

Mom and child

Mother’s Day is all about thanking the “mom” in your life for all that she is and everything that she does. Maybe she’s your mentor, or the quintessential source of motherly love, comfort and kindness. Perhaps she’s your partner in crime but always with a wise word of advice. She may be the one who inspired you to explore your own love for food or fitness. Or maybe you’re the lucky beneficiary of her bookworm gene. With all these incredible traits, it’s hard to pick the one you love the most. Why not get a little bit more creative this year by buying her a gift or helping her download apps that represent the amazing qualities that you admire about her and that you know she’ll just love? Here’s a list of a few thoughtful gifts to show your mom how extraordinary she is this Mother’s Day.


The organised, A-type mom 

At times this may drive you crazy, but let’s be honest, where would you be without that slight nudge, reminder email or meeting request from the one who reminds you about where to be, what to do and when? So anything you do to encourage this valuable trait will stand everyone in good stead really! 


With an Apple Watch Series 2 and great apps for productivity and efficiency, staying up-to-date and in touch is the ideal fuel for your A-type motherly figure. While she’s on-the-run, she can quickly record a to-do list simply by raising her wrist or even start a draft of an email using Siri to finish off later. If she’s in and out of the boardroom, but likes to be present at all times, then Just Press Record is a great app to record meetings while she stays focused on the topic of discussion. She can even conveniently convert it to text afterwards which will save loads of time.


Not only is the Apple Watch Series 2 the perfect device for your mom to stay on top of it all, but it’s a trendy accessory on her wrist as well. For a more feminine look, Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a Pink Sand Sport Band and Rose Gold Aluminium Case.


The food fanatic mom

Do you have fond memories of growing up with hearty Sunday lunches or does your mom simply love food and have a knack for making the most basic dish taste delicious? Why not indulge her love for food by cooking a whole meal for her yourself. There are tons of available apps for iPad that will make you look good in the kitchen like Sidechef which gives you helpful step-by-step photo’s and instructions. 


If your mom is a big fan of a good old-fashioned tea party, then why not put in a good effort and bake her some yummy treats. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies on iPad is still one of our all-time favourite apps and you’re mom is bound to be impressed by the tasty result of this exercise! Maybe you can even spend some quality time baking these together. And with an Apple Smart Cover for your moms 9.7-inch iPad as a gift, she’ll be able to convert it into a handy stand for when she’s doing her thing in the kitchen and needs an easy way to view content on her iPad.


The health and fitness mom

For a lot of us, our moms have influenced our own healthy lifestyle. Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate how much you appreciate that by giving her a gift that will continue to keep her healthy, fit and happy. Fitbit Flex 2 is an ultra-thin, fitness wristband that tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and stationary time. It also tracks your workouts like running or other aerobic workouts. The best part? The tracker can be removed to fit into other stylish accessories like the gold or silver bangle and even a pendant necklace. So not only are you keeping her health in mind, but her wardrobe as well. 


The fashion forward mom

If your mom loves to always look her best then something trendy to dress her tech is the ideal gift this Mother’s Day. With an array of beautiful covers and bags from iStore, you’ll be spoilt for choice when purchasing the perfect gift for your fashionable mom. 


For her Mac, The Audley Slim Brief 14” bag from Knomo is a sophisticated and classic take on a modern bag. It’s luxurious, yet simple in design and has a nifty detachable strap to turn this bag into a cross body bag when she needs to do some hands-free multi-tasking. 


If she’s into a little bit of bling, why not get her a CaseMate Waterfall for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for her iPhone. And if she’s constantly out and about and always forgetting her charger then the Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is going to change her life. This cover is not only stylish, but it gives your iPhone extra long battery life as well.


Apps featured in this piece:


 martha steward

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

R29.99 on iPad

 Side Chef


Free on iPad

 Just Press Record

Just Press Record

R79.99 on Apple Watch

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