Get ready to get swiping


So you’ve finally received your iStore Card and you are pretty keen to start shopping at iStore but you haven’t activated it yet, and quite frankly, it feels like a mission to do? Or perhaps you have had your iStore Card tucked away in your wallet and just have had no need to use it lately.


There is nothing quite a like an iStore Sale, great deals or new launches to get you swiping that stylish black card - we want you to be ready when these opportunities come along. So, if you haven't activated your card yet, we’re there to help - these are the steps:


Dial 0861 201 000

1.   Select Option 2: “Self-Service Banking”
2.   Select Option2: “Obtain your Pin”
3.   Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions on and the press 1 to agree to them
4.   You are still at the beginning of the authentication process so press option 1
5.   Enter your ID number
6.   Enter the 3 digits at the back of your card (this is the CVV number)
7.   Enter your cellphone number
8.   Select option 1
9.   You will now receive an OTP
10.  Enter this OTP
11.  Select option 1 for the system to read out your pin.


You are now ready to shop!


And if you haven’t used your card in a while, visit us in store or online at, there are more than enough reasons to buy and enjoy the benefits of paying off your favourite new Apple products and accessories over 12 or 24 months, at a preferred interest rate of 10.9%. 


For more iStore Card details visit 

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