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How does it work?


credit card


Buy one of the selected Apple products and finance it over 12 or 24 months on your FNB credit card budget facility



In 12 or 24 months, when your final monthly installment comes up, you have 3 options:


  • Settle the outstanding amount

  • Continue paying the monthly installment until the outstanding balance is paid off

  • Trade-in at iStore and use the value to offset the final payment. You can then trade-up to a new Apple device and start a new budget plan.

Terms and Conditions

iStore & FNB Offer

These terms and conditions, together with the trade-in Terms and Conditions apply when purchasing an Apple device from iStore through the iStore & FNB Offer.
What is the iStore & FNB Offer?
It is a facility provided by FNB and iStore that allows you to pay off your Apple device over an extended period (12 or 24 months) at a reduced interest rate.
What devices can I purchase?
The devices that qualify are listed on the iStore website and can be found at www.myistore.co.za . The list of qualifying devices may change from time to time.
Device payment
FNB will transfer the value of your selected products to a budget facility on your FNB credit card, over the budget instalment term at 8% interest, with an option to trade in at 12 or 24 months.
The budget instalment will be payable as per the standard terms and conditions on your FNB credit card.
FNB Terms and Conditions
Visit the FNB website -> About FNB + Legal -> Promotions Terms and Conditions
iStore may change the terms and conditions for the iStore & FNB Offer as a result of changes in legislation, changes to the agreements with our suppliers, and/or changes to business rules. Please therefore keep yourself fully informed of the terms and conditions for the iStore & FNB Offer at all times, as this remains your responsibility. You agree that we may share with FNB all your information, including information pertaining to the trade-in and this contract. We may also forward a copy of this contract to FNB. Ownership of the device vests in the Customer and no third party shall have any right, title or interest in and to the device. iStore shall at all times be entitled to cede its rights and delegate its obligations, in terms hereof, to any third party. A reference to iStore means ZA Online Store (Pty) Ltd t/a iStore (Registration Number 2003/022401/07), its nominees, orders or assigns. 2003/022401/07), its nominees, orders or assigns.
iStore Trade-in Terms and Conditions:
Trade-ins are completed in-store only.
Assessment results pertaining to the condition of the device shall be determined by iStore and are final and binding.
All user data must be removed from the device.
Device trade-in will not be considered if the serial number on the device has been removed, damaged or hidden or if your device itself has been altered, tampered or meddled with in any way.
iStore will not be held liable for any misrepresentation caused due to an unintentional copy error, and/or omission that may occur on any of our material. E&OE (errors and omissions excepted).