Award-winning design on Mac


Award-winning design on Mac

Mac has always been a firm favourite for designers and macOS continues to provide the ideal platform on which to create beautiful work. There are a ton of reasons why designers love Mac. Reliability, beautiful design and powerful specs are just some of them.

If you’re a designer and in the market for a Mac then you may be asking yourself which one is right for you?

Each Mac brings to the table an impressive set of specs that suit all kinds of designers, whether you’re an architect, graphic designer, video editor, 3D designer, virtual reality developer or an artist.

As a creative, there are a couple things that will be important to you when choosing a Mac. There are a combination of key features that make creating on your Mac an entirely dynamic experience:

Display and screen size
This is at the top of the list for almost all designers. Having a beautiful display is key when it comes to creating award-winning work. Images are rich and vibrant on the Retina Display on a MacBook Pro, making it ideal for producing high-quality work no matter where you are.
The 15-inch MacBook Pro has a serious engine under the hood, fast RAM and an advanced graphics card that allow you to breeze through any design task.

Then you get the iMac Pro which boasts Radeon Pro Vega graphics.
You’ll get real-time 3D rendering and lifelike special effects. If you design for print then you may find yourself needing a larger screen like the 27-inch iMac so that you can look at your double page spread as close to full-size as possible.

Performance is key when it comes to design work. Not only are you mostly working with data-heavy files, but you’re also working with applications that use a lot of memory to run. Depending on what application you find yourself using, they may determine the size of the “engine” you need to get when purchasing a Mac. For example, if you’re doing some video editing and building 3D images, iMac Pro is the powerhouse that you need. If you’re a photographer and working with programs such as Lightroom, you’d be good to go with an i5 processor on one of the other machines.

RAM and Storage
It’s safe to say that most designers work with files that carry a fair amount of data. Whether it’s video, images or 3D models, you’re going to need a lot of storage space for your precious creations. When you’re choosing which Mac is right for you, make sure you check the amount of storage available on your machine. A 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with a hefty 1TB hard drive. If you can’t afford a more expensive machine with higher storage capacity then you can always opt to use an external hard drive with say a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Design applications are also RAM hungry. Whether you're a graphic designer using the Adobe Suite, an architect using AutoCAD or a video editor using Final Cut Pro, you’re likely to have high requirements when it comes to RAM. Make sure you check out what machines your fellow designers use that who are using similar applications to you.

If you find that you need to design when you’re on the move, getting a MacBook Pro is a better choice than an iMac. Web Design often has a really quick turnaround and so you’ll find yourself chasing quick deadlines and working in clients offices, in coffee shops or at home. You’ll also need a solid battery life to stay powered up when you’re out and about.  MacBook and MacBook Air are light, durable and fast enough for administrative purposes, but are not recommended for the use of graphic or data intense projects.

Here’s a quick spec and key feature to help you choose the Mac that’s right for you:


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