All the tech you need to get through a family holiday

Aaah, the annual family road trip to the coast, family farm or visit to the grandparents is upon us. And just as you’ve strapped the kids in, filled up the car and made it to the first intersection, you hear those dreaded words… “Are we there yet?" No need to panic, we’ve found some ways to keep everyone in the car entertained and in good spirits throughout the trip and even on holiday. So, let’s get started, shall we?


The magic of iPad

Gone are the days when i-spy would keep the kids busy for hours. These days, iPad is the ultimate road-trip entertainment system for anyone in the family. We’ve found a few apps that will get you through an hour or two on the road.

Toca Life: Vacation turns  your back seat into a tropical resort, it’s a game no kid can resist. In this game, you can build castles and find carefully placed secrets inside a bustling hotel, airport and gift shop. The best thing about Toca Life, is the option to record in-app videos, which turns their made-up stories into mini-movies.




Warner Bros. knows kids' entertainment and the Scribblenauts Remix is no exception. This game initially started on Nintendo DS and is now available in the App Store. Your kids get to play as Maxwell, who has to solve puzzles by summoning various things, like animals, weapons, and more, even using adjectives. But the words aren't there for you; you must use your imagination to get through each level. This one should make for hours of entertainment for the little ones, and you might even want to take a crack at it yourself. 



Netflix, need we say more? Ok, we will. Netflix is your family’s portal to all sorts of awesome shows, and better yet, you can set restrictions on your account, so that the kids can’t watch any of the "good stuff”. Chances are, you're already subscribed, so just download the iOS app and keep your kids glued to some cartoons for a while.


Keep calm

With all this commotion going on in the back seat, it may not be a bad idea to invest in a pair of headphones for yourself and/or the kids. iStore has quite an extensive range for you to choose from, depending on your preference, like wireless or noise cancelling, and your budget.


A small splurge

Once you and your family have arrived at your destination, think of how cool it’d be to cruise down the promenade or along scenic pathways on a Ninebot Mini Pro. This spectacular robot is your personal transporter that easily and automatically reads your movements to keep you balanced. You and your kids will have a blast using the Ninebot Mini Pro. it’s also small enough to pack in your boot, using up very little space.


It seems that we have you and your family covered for your trip. Take it easy and enjoy the ride!




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