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Code Kids

Technology has become such an intricate part of our lives, that in today’s modern times learning the language of computers is becoming a critical skill, especially for our future generation. With this in mind Think Ahead has launched an initiative called CodeSpace. 

Set in a relaxed environment, CodeSpace aims to teach children the fundamentals of computer programming such as loops, variables and conditional statements in a relatable and fun way. 

You may ask - How on earth can this be taught in a relatable and fun way?  

This is done by making use of various iPad apps including Swift Playgrounds - Apple’s very own coding app that teaches the text based coding language - Swift.                     Making it all the more fun to learn. 

Coding entails and develops the skills for problem solving, sequential thinking, designing and collaborating with others. Working on computational and mathematical skills is made fun and interactive when writing code for real life application using robotic toys such as Sphero and Jimu robots.

Think Ahead facilitators ensure that these skills are incorporated throughout the programme along with design-based learning which draws on children’s own creative skills and interests as they learn by designing and creating their own projects. 

If a mistake is made whilst writing code there is no need to fret!  Making mistakes and taking risks are emphasised as a way for kids to learn by debugging their code and coming up with better solutions. 


Why should our future generation learn to write their first line of code at CodeSpace? 

Here are 10 reasons: 

1.   Provides an opportunity to create content and not consume it. 
2.   Creates a space of freedom to express creativity through a digital medium. 
3.   Encourages teamwork and collaboration. 
4.   Teaches that failing is not a bad thing but rather an opportunity to create a better outcome. 
5.   Critical thinking skills are developed. 
6.   Supports many mathematical principles but also teaches language skills. 
7.   Develops skills for future jobs - even if its not becoming a computer programmer.
8.   Learning to code can help us help humanity by coming up with creative solutions. 
9.   It is an inclusive activity and a great way to make new friends. 
10. Coding teaches grit and determination.


Bonus:  Coding gives you superpowers! It can help you do things you thought were impossible and create something out of nothing and have fun with other superhero coders.

Ready to get coding? 


To book a session/find out more simply contact:  [email protected] 


Coding sessions are suitable for Grade 4 - Grade 8 learners. 

Location: FutureSpace Lab, iStore, 1 Sandton Drive.

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