Work out with Apple Music

If you find that music is your motivator, inspiration or fuel when you work out, then you can find some sensational workout playlists on Apple Music.

If you’ve never tried out Apple Music, here’s what you need to know:

To try out Apple Music, ensure your device is updated to iOS 8.4 and upwards.

After it installs and reboots, launch the Music app. You can tap Start 3 Month Free Trial to begin the registration process. Choose a membership plan:

Individual: This option is for the lonely souls. It will cost you R59.99/month, and you thave access to Apple Music from your iOS device or through iTunes all for yourself.

Family: For R 89.99/month you and up to six people get access to Apple Music, but you’ll need to enable Family Sharing. This means you’ll be sharing the rest of your iTunes purchases (including apps, music, and books) as well as the Apple Music subscription.

Select the one you want and remember that you won't be charged for each until your 3-month trial ends. 

Your 3-month free trial begins whenever you start using the app and not on the day it was released in SA. 

You can search for music through your desired genres, recommended playlists and artists. if you’re looking for some workout songs, simply click onto the “Activity” option under “Genres” and then find your ideal tunes from “Running” or “Working Out”. We love ‘Classic Rock Work Out” featuring the likes of Alice Cooper, The Who and Kiss, but there’s also modern pop, classical and hip-hop to choose from (plus so much more). There’s also “Getting Ready for Date Night”, which is a fun mix of 80s, 90s and current tracks that should get you energised and moving.

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