What is a previously used iPhone and CPO?

Looking for an iPhone? You’ve got options at iStore!

There are all kinds of ways to get your hands on an iPhone for a whole lot less from iStore. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a bit of a pickle where you’ve either lost your phone or damaged it in a clumsy moment. Or maybe you’re just on a budget! Either way, you’re probably looking for a solution that’s either affordable or just for the interim while you patiently wait until you're ready to buy the latest iPhone. Here’s the good news, you have options! At iStore we offer iPhones at a lower cost that are either previously used, demo or refurbished units. With these options from iStore, you’ll never be without your beloved iPhone! Here’s the lowdown on what’s what. 


Previously Used iPhones 

These are previously used iPhones that were traded in at iStore. They are in great condition, are free of third party parts and have been completely refurbished by an Apple Authorised Service provider.
They are not repackaged in original Apple packaging but come in sleek locally manufactured packaging.
iCare Plus does not apply to this product.
These iPhones come with a locally guaranteed 6 month warranty as per CPA regulations.
This product can only be purchased in store and is subject to availability in that particular iStore.


Apple Certified Pre-Owned iPhones 

An Apple Certified Pre-Owned iPhone or CPO unit is a refurbished unit that has gone through Apple’s certified rigorous tests and checks to make sure it matches up to Apples high standards. It is tested for full functionality and comes with a new IMEI number and outer body. Any defective parts have also been replaced with genuine Apple components.
This product comes directly from Apple and is packaged in original Apple packaging
These iPhones come with a 12 month Apple warranty.
These iPhones are available in store and online.


And remember, that when you purchase from iStore you get all the perks too! Like free training and technical assistance and the latest updates on everything “Apple” you need to know to get the best out of your device. 

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