Travel smart with these handy tips for iPad


Holidays are meant for relaxing, so the last thing we want is to be exhausted by the hassle of finding directions, always looking for a place to charge your phone or even worse, spending hours looking for your friends in a crowded tourist spot! With the iPad, every bit of admin that threatens to taint your idyllic and relaxing plans are eliminated! With apps to make planning and navigating your way around easy and fun ways to share memorable moments, iPad is the perfect travel partner!

Keep track of your tribe 

If you’re travelling with a large contingent of family and friends this holiday, you might find it a little tricky to keep track of everyone when you each have a different agenda! There’s no need to worry though, each of you can explore at your own pace and to your heart’s content while always knowing where everyone else is located. You can do this by simply downloading the Find My Friends app. Within the app, you can share your location by adding a friend using their iCloud address or mobile number linked to their iCloud account. Within the app on your friend or family members phone, they will then accept you and request to do the same. Now you can see on a map where they are! No more walking around for hours doing the awkward ‘family whistle’.

Keep your product safe and sound

Make sure you keep your iPad safe while using public transport and spending a lot of time in public areas while travelling. Firstly, it’s always a good idea to create a passcode on your iPad so that no one else is able to access your content. You should also ensure that Find My iPad is activated in the Settings app as well as Send Last Location. This service works through iCloud and allows you to track your iPad via any other device that has an internet connection should it get lost or stolen. The Send Last Location setting will automatically send a location to Apple when the battery gets low in case you have misplaced it and it takes you a while to find it! With Find My iPad activated, should your iPad get lost or stolen, you will have the ability to lock it or remote wipe the device to ensure that access to the device is restricted. A nifty feature is that you’re even able to write some text that will be displayed on the screen, for example “Call this number if found.”

Navigate like a pro

One of the thrilling parts of going on holiday can sometimes be when you get lost and find yourself exploring a gem of an area that you may have otherwise not found. When you’ve had an epic day exploring however andthe time comes to return home, you often want to make your way there as soon as possible. This is especially true if the promise of cold sundowners with the family and friends awaits. The last thing you want is to get stuck navigating your way through unfamiliar territory or risk getting completely lost. With your iPad by your side though, you have a bunch of options that make finding your way around super easy.  

The Maps app that is already on your device provides directions to anywhere that you want to go. Guides by Lonely Planet is a fantastic way to plan a trip to a new city. The app is very comprehensive and covers a wide range of cities for which guides can be downloaded for free beforehand so there will be no need to use data while you’re adventuring in new parts. It also has detailed recommendations for sightseeing as well as some quirky cafes and highlights of hot spots. 

Share your travel moments instantly

Capturing your favourite holiday moments is made easy with the advanced camera features on your iPhone and iPad. With quick access to your Camera from your lock screen (swipe left), you’ll be able to capture every memory beautifully! Along with a variety of useful photography apps like Snapseed, Lightroom and VSCO, your holiday pics will have the professional edge. Now imagine being able to print out those images on the spot as easily as you can share them online. With the HP Sprocket, you can do exactly that because it prints out snapshots or stickers directly from your iPad or iPhone. And the best part is that it’s compact and light so you can take it with you no matter where you go to capture all your fun holiday adventures!


Bon voyage! 





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