Travel and adventure must-haves

Whether you’re kicking back at home for the holidays (or as they say, “staycationing”), off to an island, or ticking off a bucket-list adventure, we’ve got you sorted with some holiday specials to see you off in style.

While this year’s trends saw us using Uber a lot to get around, and Airbnb to find great accommodation around the world, next year we’ll be getting more mobile and have “experiential travel marketing”, according to Fortune magazine.


Their travel trends for 2016 include:

The rise of “bleisure” travel

Business travellers are combining more leisure into their business trips. Consumers are extending trips over the weekend, often bringing the family along. They arrive at the airport early and hit the lounge longer, and they’re always connected. They’re not stuck in hotels either - they’re on the go and getting work done in coffee shops, restaurants and even parks.


Travel Is getting more mobile

Mobile is becoming bigger, and keeping travellers connected is key. More holiday destinations are offering mobile companion apps, and mobile also enables brands to create tailor-made experiences for travellers.


Experiential travel marketing Is growing

Experiential marketing not only helps brands become more personal, but it also lets them stand out. Hawaiian Airlines has hosted hula-dancing shows in New York City, built artificial beaches in the middle of bustling Beijing, and produced other pop-up performances in unexpected places, which have helped the company stand out.


It’s All Seamless

Researching, planning, booking venues, cars and excursions, inviting friends, remembering – people are completing the entire travel experience on one site. 

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