• Trade up when you trade in.


    At iStore, we care about bringing you and great Apple products together. Bring in your previously loved iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and get cash back when you buy a brand new one.

How much can I get back?

Why trade in at iStore?

  • Best Value

    Get higher than market value for your trade in as cash back.

  • Get a new device every year

    Use your trade in value to offset the purchase of a new iPhone allowing you to trade up every year.

  • All cellular contracts

    Find all major networks under one roof. Choose your iPhone. Choose your network. Choose your contract.

How trade in works

Trade in up to 2 iOS devices and get even more cash back, making it even easier for you to get your hands on the products you love.

  • Trade up

    Say hello to a brand new iPhone from iStore when you buy either in-store or online..

  • Trade in

    Say goodbye to your previously loved iPhone and take it to your nearest iStore to get it evaluated at the Tech Desk.

  • Get serious
    cash back

    Submit your documentation. Get the cash back via EFT into your bank account within 14 working days.

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