The perfect sidekick to 2017


Whether you are pursuing a new hobby or just looking to make your life easier, iPhone 7 has been designed with all the power and innovation that you need in a phone. And with these helpful hints for your iPhone 7, you’re all set to get the most out of this year.


Fresh angles

Memories are one of life's greatest treasures. A 12MP camera, wide angle capabilities and a higher quality zoom are just some of the new cutting edge features that comes with your new iPhone 7, so you’ll be able to beautifully capture all of life's big and small moments in 2017. 


Are you looking to take your photography skills to the next level this year? Well with iPhone 7 and a ton of new features now you can, and it’s super easy. We love the zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus which allows you to zoom right into your subject without it becoming blurry and creatively blurs the background behind the subject giving your photos a slick, professional look. This nifty trick is possible using the Portrait option in your Camera app. 


Rest well

Getting a good nights sleep is vitally important for a restored mind and body. Make sure that you get all the hours you need this year by using the Bedtime setting in the Clock app on iPhone 7 and iOS 10 which allows you to set yourself a bedtime rather than an alarm, based on how much sleep you want. The app also helps you to visualise your sleep patterns. All of this data can be fed to your Health app to get you into a healthier sleep routine.



With iPhone 7 and iOS 10, control centre shortcuts have given ‘handy’ a whole new meaning. As before, you can easily access all of your shortcuts like the camera, flashlight and timer by swiping upward from the bottom of your screen. But now, 3D Touch allows you to access additional options for each of your shortcuts. With the flashlight, when you hold down on the icon you have the option of bright, medium or low light. By holding down on the camera icon you can quickly select to either take a photo, record slow-mo video, normal video or take a selfie. You’ll be able to do things so quickly with iPhone 7 in 2017 that you may even be prone to spontaneous high-fiving with whoever is nearby. 


Customised for you

With iPhone 7, the new year is all about doing things in ways that work best for you. And that means an all-new home button. It’s is a solid state button which uses haptic feedback to mimic the feel of a button and is better designed to be more durable and responsive. The best part is that you have the option of adjusting the level of sensitivity of the button to find the one that feels most natural for you. You can also change the level of vibration which simulates the feel of a real button to what suits you best.

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