The ins and outs of iPhone Cellular Contracts at iStore


You may be feeling a little overwhelmed when sifting through the multitude of cellular contract options, hoping to finally choose the one that’s right for you. Maybe you’re still trying to decide whether you even need a contract? The best place to begin is to actually have a look at what your needs are. Here are some tips to get you started.  


Take a look at your usage history

Take your previous bill and have a look at where you are spending the most. By doing this you can assess what packages you need in order to avoid being charged out-of-bundle rates which are expensive and quickly add up. Ask yourself these questions: 

Did you spend a lot on calls or more on data? This could mean that you need a contract more weighted towards data than minutes.
Do you send a lot of SMS’s? Have a look at how many SMS’s you send to see what SMS bundle you would need.
Are you consuming a lot of data, more than your allocated package? You probably need a bigger data bundle!


Look at your needs going forward

Ask yourself these questions to assess what your needs would be going forward: 

Do you have access to Wi-Fi on a regular basis or are you always using your cellular data? 
Are you in the position that you are often in Wi-Fi zones so that you can consider making data calls and in that way save on minutes?
Do you download a lot of media content like photos and videos? This will determine the size of your data bundle.
Do you make a lot of calls? If you do, you will need to consider how many minutes you think you will need on a monthly basis and choose your call package based on this.
Do you store a lot of media files on your phone like photos, videos and music? This will determine the storage capacity of the device that you choose. 

Once you have determined what kind of contract you need, visit the iStore website and you’ll find a list of cellular contracts with handy filters. You’ll be able to filter by the following criteria to find the ideal package for you:

Device, Capacity, Price, Network, Minutes, Data, SMS


What do I need to bring with me when I go to my nearest iStore to get a new contract or to upgrade my existing contract?


You need the following documentation when coming into an iStore: 


If you are getting a newcontract:


Green bar-coded ID book or South African valid ID or valid Passport

Proof of residence (not older than 3 months)

3 months of bank statements (stamped by the bank)

Latest payslip


If you are upgrading your existing contract:


Green bar-coded ID book or South African valid ID or valid Passport

Proof of residence (not older than 3 months)

Proof of banking details (your bank can provide this for you)


If you are not a South African Resident, you could still be eligible for an iPhone on a contract, you just need to bring the following: 


Latest 3 months of bank statements

Latest payslip

Valid Passport

Valid work permit

Proof of residence (no older than 3 months)


Please note: If you are just upgrading your current contract then you do not need to bring in any bank statements, only your proof of banking details. 


What if I haven’t finished paying off my current iPhone but want to upgrade to a new one?


There are a couple of different scenarios here:


I have an existing contract that is not yet completed but I want to upgrade, what do I do?

You will need to continue paying your current contract until it is paid up while paying for your new contract. Or, if you want to start off on a clean slate and pay the outstanding installments due on your current contract, you can contact your network provider and request a final payment on the outstanding term — note that you might incur penalty fees for wanting to upgrade early you should be able to upgrade after month 21 of the contract without any penalties). Remember that if you go this route, you can still trade-in* your old device and if you get cash back, use that cash to pay up the outstanding amount or penalty fee from the network provider. 


I am still paying off my iPhone on my iStore Card but I want to upgrade and pay my new iPhone off on my iStore Card, what do I do?

If the 12 or 24 month payment period for your current iPhone is not yet over but you would like to upgrade to a new device, then you have a few options. You can either pay off the remaining amount by transferring this onto your iStore Card or you can continue paying the monthly installments on your old phone, take out a new phone and start paying that off too. Remember that your iStore Card functions like a credit card so you are able to add another device at any stage provided that you credit limit is high enough to cover the devices.  You can also trade-in* your current iPhone and put the money that you receive back onto your iStore Card which will help you in pay the devices off quicker. 


I am still paying off my iPhone on my iStore Card but I want to upgrade and take out a contract, what do I do?

If the 12 or 24 month payment period for your current iPhone is not yet over but you would like to upgrade to a new iPhone on a contract then you would still need to pay back the remaining amount due on your current phone as the payment plan associated with your iStore Card is separate to that of a monthly cellular contract. If you are getting a new iPhone with your contract, you can trade in your old iPhone and get cash back.


What are the benefits of upgrading at iStore?


By taking out a cellular contract at iStore you have access to a host of amazing benefits. Apart from offering a range of cellular contracts from all service providers, iStore gives you the iCare Extended Warranty bundle, worth R1999, for free. It extends the Apple warranty on your new iPhone as well as one of your existing Apple products to two years. iStore also offers iCare Plus which is an optional extra when you take out your new contract. It extends your current Apple warranty to two years and you’ll also be covered for one incidence of accidental damage. Phew! You’ll get access to free training which you can easily book at your nearest store on the iStore website for the topic that interests you the most and free tech support for any questions or trouble shooting you may have.


But wait, there’s more. At iStore, we also offer cellular contracts on Macs and iPads. If you’re someone who is not really based in a Wi-Fi zone and you need to be connected to the internet on your Mac and iPad, then this is a great option for you! Visit your nearest iStore for more information. 


Please note:

When trading in your old device, you’ll only receive your cash back within a period of 14 working days. For more information on how trade-ins work, click here

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