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We answer all of your questions on trading in your pre-loved Apple device and give you step-by-step instructions on a savvy way to recycle your old device for a brand new one. 


What can I trade in?

Trade-ins are offered on previously loved iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches and iPads as well as on a range of non Apple devices for customers who are buying a new Apple device from iStore. Trade in on non Apple devices are limited to smartphones and tablets. The process involves trading-in your previously loved device and purchasing a new one.


How do I know the value of the device I am trading in?

Easy! You can do this by visiting iStore or by using the online checker at The online value is subject to change depending on an in store evaluation


Here are the steps: 

1.  Go to

2.  Tap “How much can I get Back”

3.  Login

4.  Type in your serial or IMEI number and follow the prompts to view the potential trade-in amount


What about transferring the data on my old Apple device to my new Apple device?

When you purchase from iStore, one of the benefits we offer is a free service where we transfer all of your data to your new device for you! Remember to back up the data on your current device at home before coming into the store. We will take you through the process step by step, making sure that everything is transferred safely onto your new iPad, iPhone or Mac.


I have backed everything up, I have checked the estimated value on the online tracker, what next?

Go into iStore with your Apple device and all of the accessories. Our technicians will do an assessment and confirm the trade-in value. If you are happy with the amount, you can go ahead and buy your new Mac, iPad or iPhone and your old Apple device will then be sent to our service centre to confirm that no 3rd party hardware parts have been installed/used. We will also help you transfer all of the data from one device to another. The trade-in value will be transferred into your bank account within 14 working days.


Do I need to trade-in before I can buy a new device?

You do not have to trade in before you buy a new device. You can purchase your new device and bring your old device in for an assessment and trade in within 30 days of your new purchase. Remember that you would have had to buy your new device from iStore and bring your proof of purchase with you when you come in to do your trade in.


What do I need to take with me when I go to the store?

When you go into the store to do your trade-in, remember to take your device, your ID as well as your proof of banking details which will enable iStore to pay the trade-in value directly into your bank account. To get a better trade-in value, remember to take your charger for your Mac, iPad or iPhone with you as well.


How do I get the ‘cash’ back from my old Mac, iPad or iPhone?

You will get the value of your old Apple device paid directly in to your bank account once we have done a full assessment and confirmed that no third party hardware parts have been used or installed. Once this has been done, and you accept the trade-in value, the amount will be transferred into your account within 14 working days. A reminder that in order to  trade-in you need to purchase a new Apple device at iStore.


How does it work if I’m still on an iPhone contract or I haven’t finished paying off an iPhone? Can you buy me out of the contract?

You have the choice to trade in your device at any point in time but please note that if the device is not yet paid off, either with your service provider or on your iStore card, you will still be liable for the remaining amount that is owing on the device. The clever thing to do would be to put the money that you get from the trade-in towards paying off the old device.


Can you help me familiarise myself with my new Apple Device?

iStore offers free in-store training, for those who buy from iStore, to help you get better acquainted with your Mac, iPad and iPhone. If your device was very old, it may be that you need to learn about the ins and outs of the latest operating system that your new Mac, iPad or iPhone comes with. Visit to make a booking.


To recap, here is a quick summary of what you need to do:

1.  Check the value of your device using the online checker.
2.  Back up the data on your old device.
3.  Go into iStore with your old device and all of the accessories as well as your ID and proof of banking details.
4.  iStore technicians will do an in store evaluation on the device and confirm the trade-in value.
5.  If you are happy you can purchase your new device.
6.  You can opt to trade in your old device at this point, or you can bring it in within 30 days of purchasing your new device.
7.  Wait up to 14 working days to receive your trade-in value in your account.
8.  Enjoy your new Apple device!


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