Simplify your day with iPad

simplify your life with iPad

With a host of productivity-boosting features and advanced apps available, the iPad will simplify even the busiest of days. And when you’re not using your iPad to crush your work day, there are a host of other features which make daily tasks a total breeze. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite tools and amazing apps that are just scraping the surface of a whole lot of iPad awesomeness.



iPad for the business man and woman


iOS 10 brings with it quick and easy ways to collaborate with colleagues as well. The Notes app now supports Shared Notes and allows you to add People to a note that you have created by tapping the people icon with a plus sign. Choose the way you would like to share the note (as a Message for example) and start adding the names of the different people you would like to share the note with. Add a comment or a message and hit send. Each person that has been added to the note can now make updates to it on their iPads and everyone will be notified in real time. 


Split Screen View for Safari in iOS 10 lets you multitask and save time. This is especially useful when you need to review more than one web page at a time. To take advantage of this handy feature, follow these steps.

  1. Hold your iPad in landscape mode
  2. Launch Safari and open the tabs that you need to view
  3. Tap and hold on a link and select Open in Split View or drag a tab to the left or right side of the screen

Building your network of internal business relationships is an important aspect of a healthy functioning organisation. Names & Faces is a locally developed app which provides a simple platform to build directories of employees. The directories are really easy to access and include pictures, contact details, roles and more. You can quickly search within different teams and even add special notes about that person, like their background or skills. The result is that it enables employees to better engage with one another, which in turn enhances company culture and productivity. The app can be customised for your business so get in touch with the developers to find out more!

Names & Faces

names and faces



iPad for everyday 

There are a multitude of features that make using your iPad on a daily basis even easier. Here are just three of our favourite sneaky tips and tricks that come with the latest iOS 10 on your iPad. 

Searching on iPad

When you’re trying to hunt stuff down on your iPad, there’s no need to sift through pages of apps before finding the one you need. Spotlight Search has a universal search feature which allows you to search for anything like an app, text message, a song or an email. It even suggests different websites to visit. It’s super easy to launch - just swipe down on the home screen and start typing in the search bar. Make sure you swipe somewhere in the middle, if you swipe at the top you will bring down the notification centre instead. 

Let iPad read to you

Let’s be honest, we can all get a little lazy sometimes and quite like the idea of someone reading to us rather than reading ourselves. Good news, your iPad has the ability to read selected text to you. This feature, which can be found in the Accessibility settings, was originally designed for the visually impaired but can be useful to anyone! Why not use this text-to-speech feature on your iPad to catch up on the latest news while cooking dinner? 

Take messaging to the next level

Since iOS 10, the Messages app on your iPad just got a bunch of fun features that make chatting to friends and family a lot more interactive and creative. You can now send a sketch, a kiss, add stickers and even add different screen effects. To access screen effects, type your message and then hold down on the blue upwards arrow. Once you get to the ‘effects’ screen, select Screen and swipe to choose your effects. Another handy feature is if someone sends you a link, it will now be previewed in the message as well so you’ll have an idea of the contents before clicking through.

With all the features, all rolled in to one iPad, you’ll have everything you need for ultimate world domination. Just kidding! But we think you’re going to get close :) 

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