Run the race of your life with Apple Watch and Strava

What runners love about Apple watch


Training for a big race is no easy task, so having your Apple Watch by your side with the features that allow you to easily track and improve on your fitness is a non-negotiable! If you need to save power whilst on the road or you forgot to charge and you’re running a little low, then turn on your power saving mode - keep in mind that it will turn off the heart rate tracking. 


With the Workout app on Apple Watch, you can customise the display so that you have all the information thats most important to you at a glance. For example, If you’re training for a long race, then knowing the distance you’ve run will probably be important to you. To show the actual number of kilometres ran, opt to “Show Goal Metric” in the Watch app on your iPhone. You’ll also want to see your pace so it’s a good idea to have this as the large number which appears at the bottom of your Apple Watch screen.


Sometimes we all need a pat on the back when reaching certain milestones. Why not set up some motivational messages with Siri using location-based reminders. So when you reach the top of that steep hill or the end of that very windy route, remind Siri to congratulate you for completing that leg of the race. 


Track fitness levels with Strava for Apple Watch


Previously, the Strava app relied on the GPS on your iPhone to track your runs resulting in you always having to take your iPhone with on your run. The best part about Strava for Apple Watch Series 2 is that it now takes full advantage of the built-in GPS which means you can now leave your iPhone at home. You’ll still be able to record everything that you could before, like tracking your distance, running pace, time and heart rate. These are easily viewed in real-time on your Apple Watch display and are optimised for greater visibility on the screen so you can quickly glance at your stats at any stage during your run. To further improve your performance, why not take part in the monthly challenges which are specifically designed to push you towards new levels of fitness. You don’t have to do it alone either, the Strava app is widely known for its community of like-minded individuals who encourage each other. 


To download the latest version of Strava on your Apple Watch visit the App Store. The app is free but offers in-app purchases for more advanced features.


Race training tips


> Maintain a steady pace


Naturally, it takes a fair amount of preparation to be able to complete such a challenge as a race! Enter Apple Watch. With apps like Strava and the ability to closely track and monitor your performance progress over time, your training program just got a serious boost. Maintaining a consistent pace for a long race is crucial - split times is something that you are able to track on your Strava app. It splits up the run into 1km chunks and shows the pace for each of these so that you can see where you sped up and where you slowed down. If you slow down a lot, this indicates that you are starting out too fast - a common mistake when participating in races. Monitoring your pave however, will ensure that you’re setting the right pace throughout. 


> #Eatfit


Part and parcel of getting fit is making sure that you eat correctly in the process. MyPlate Calorie Tracker combines calorie tracking and fitness for all-round healthy living - ideal when training for a big race! You’ll get a personalised calorie goal based on your personal info and you can easily track your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake for the day to ensure that you reach your desired ratio goal. The app ensures that each element of your training is tracked with the option to integrate with Apples Health app, which then syncs your exercises, food and weight. With this holistic approach, you can make sure that your nutrition and fitness goals are well aligned. It’s also easy to forget to refuel along the way, so ask Siri to help by telling her to remind you when to drink water or use energy gel. Practice this on your long training runs!


Accessories to keep you going


Making sure that nothing stands in the way of you and your fitness goals means having the right accessory for your Apple Watch. The 42mm White Sport Band is made out of a soft, rubbery material - ultimate comfort to avoid chafe! If you are more of an “off-road” type then the Survivor Tactical Case for Apple Watch 38mm in black is a must to keep your Apple Watch in tip top condition. This case and strap provide some serious protection against impacts, screen and body damage.


The loud roar of the crowd at the end of the race may just be the best sound you’ve ever heard. The journey to success is long, but with tools like this to create the ultimate race strategy, it’ll be one of the most satisfying journeys you’ll take. There’s no doubt that with all this information at your fingertips, the goals will keep getting bigger and bigger. 



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