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Trade in now available online for iPhone

Get Cash Back* and when you trade in and trade up your old iPhone.

Trade in your previously loved iPhone online today. Start the process from the comfort of your own home - assess your unit online with a consultant, we’ll then collect your previously loved iPhone, evaluate it and either give you Cash Back* or send you a gift card to the value of your trade-in.

Trade In now

Get up to R8500* back when you trade in at iStore.

Values are estimated and subject to a Trade-in evaluation.

*When trading in an iPhone Xs.

Get up to R3600 back

when you trade in your

iPhone 7.

Get up to R5000 back

when you trade in your

iPhone 8.

Get up to R8000 back

when you trade in your

iPhone X.

Get up to R8500 back

when you trade in your

iPhone Xs.

Here’s how it works.

Either recieve Cash Back or an iStore Gift Card for your Trade-in.

Trade in your old iPhone
for Cash Back

You’ll qualify for Cash Back if you’ve already bought a new iPhone within the last 30 days from iStore, and you’d like to trade in your old iPhone. Think of this as a post purchase discount on your new iPhone.

(What you'll need: proof of purchase from iStore, proof of ID & bank statements)


Trade in your old iPhone
and get a discount off your new
iPhone or iPhone contract.*

You’ll qualify for an iStore Gift Card that you could use to discount the price of your new iPhone or iPhone contract, once you’ve succesfully traded in your old one. Think of this as a pre-purchase discount on your new iPhone contract.

(What you'll need: proof of ID)

*It’s advised to have a spare iPhone available when opting in for the iStore Gift Card process, as your iPhone would have to be sent in to our Trade-in Center.

Our online trade in process

Answer a few questions to get started, wherever you are

Step 1: Chat to us

One of our online trade-in consultants will be available to assist you via our online chat system during regular business hours. Alternatively we could call you back within 24 hours if requested.

Step 2: Remote Trade-in Review

Your trade-in Consultant will take you through a few questions and run a remote diagnostics test on your iPhone to help determine the Indicative* Trade-in value of your iPhone.

Step 3: Indicative Trade-in value

You’ll be given an Indicative* Trade-in value which is subject to further physical diagnostics checks. If you accept this value we can proceed with collection of your previously loved iPhone.

Step 4: Courier collection

A courier will be sent to collect your product within 3 working days of accepting your previously loved iPhone indicative trade-in value. You will need to back up and turn off Find my iPhone before packaging your iPhone safely to avoid damage in transit.

Step 5: Trade-in Centre diagnostics

Once your product has arrived at our Trade-in centre, it will undergo a thorough hands on diagnostics test. This is to confirm that your iPhone matches the condition determined in the Remote Trade-in review, and to calculate your Final Trade-in value.

Step 6: Final Trade-in

Your Cash Back or iStore Gift card will be issued within 7 working days if your Final Trade-in value matches your indicative Trade-in value. If there’s a difference, one of our trade-in consultants will contact you with a revised Final Trade-in value for you to review and continue with your final trade-in value.

Let’s get you started.

Start chatting to one of our online trade-in consultants to determine your Trade-in value.

Our consultants are available from 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday, Saturday from 09:00-15:00 and closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

Why trade-in at iStore

There's no reason to go anywhere else.


We're bringing you the convenience of trading in from the comfort of your own home or your office. Start the process where ever you are and we'll collect your product when it's ready to be traded in.

Buy now, or later

The iStore Gift card you’ll receive when you trade in your old products is valid for up to 3 years from your trade-in date.

Best value

Get higher than market value for your trade-in.

Uncapped values

There’s no maximum Rand value that you could exceed, even if you trade in up to 5 Apple products.

Terms and Conditions

Customers who've bought an iPhone in the last 30 days from iStore can qualify for Cash Back. All you need to do is supply your proof of purchase in the trade-in process. We can only process payments into a South African bank account. Customers will need to supply proof of banking before the cash back is issued. If you haven't bought an iPhone from iStore in the last 30 days but still want to trade in. We can offer you an iStore Gift Card which you can use in store or online at a later stage. Online Trade ins are limited to 1 iPhone. We cannot process multiple products at this time.

Only iPhone from 7 and newer will be accepted for trade in through the online programme.

For the full terms and conditions for online trade in please click here.

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