Making memories this holiday with your new iPhone

iPhone and making memories

Holiday time is filled with fun memories and epic moments for you to capture with your iPhone. There’s nothing better than looking back at your pictures and reminiscing about all the good times had over the festive season. Especially when you’ve captured some priceless, never to be repeated again kind of pictures! With iOS 11, there are a ton of new and exciting features for you to take advantage of when you’re grabbing some shots this holiday, so let us get you up to speed on some of the neat new things that your iPhone can do. 


Capture everyone you meet along the way

Are you adventuring overseas or travelling to a whole lot of different local spots this holiday? What better way to remember your journey than to keep portraits of all the memorable faces of people that you met along the way. Portrait Mode got a huge upgrade in iOS 11 and you can now take beautiful, high-quality portrait images using just your iPhone*. Wide apertures, optical image stabilisation, True Tone flash (for more realistic skin tones) and the bokeh effect (a blurry background which looks really professional) are all features that help you to capture the perfect portrait. 

If you want other ways to quickly and easily edit and tweak your portrait photos, then Slør is the ideal app to use. It allows you to adjust the photo’s background blur and focus points to perfect and sharpen all of your portraits. Just hit save and the new version will appear in your Photos app.


Give colour and movement a professional touch

Long exposure effects have been introduced to iPhone with iOS 11 as part of the features of Live Photos. It allows you to beautifully capture all kinds of motion in ways that you could only previously do on your fancy DSLR camera. If you’re not familiar with long exposure, what it does is creates a blur or smear where there is movement in an image and keeps the rest of the image sharp and clear. Using this feature on holiday makes for an incredible picture! Perhaps you come across a beautiful waterfall or witness a colourful fireworks display on New Year’s Eve or you’re even just taking a pit stop during your road trip and want to capture the pretty lights of the cars driving passed. These are all perfect opportunities to test this feature out!

To access this feature on your iPhone make sure that the Live Photo feature is turned on by tapping the icon in the middle at the top of the screen when your Camera app is open. If it’s yellow, it’s on! Next, take your photo of something that is moving (like a waterfall) but where the rest of the image is relatively still (like the trees and rocks). View your photo, hold down and swipe up to reveal the details and options for different effects to add. Long exposure will be one of them. Select and watch your image transform!


Get the perfect action shot 

With your iPhone, iOS 11 and the new Live Photos feature you can also capture some epic action moments using either the Loop or Bounce effect. You access these the same way as you would the Long Exposure effect that we mentioned above. This feature is great for when you’re adventuring on holiday - think jumping off the pier, ramping your mountain bike over a stream, doing a little dance or just messing around and getting creative with action ‘tricks’ in your back garden. To create an animation from your photo’s that just keeps repeating (like a GIF) then use the Loop effect. The Bounce effect plays the animation and then reverses it, just like the Boomerang feature on Instagram.


Soak up the sun

The festive season means lots of time in the sun swimming, braaing and just hanging out with friends and family. When you’re taking photos in the sun though, too much shadow or glare can really ruin an otherwise perfect holiday picture! Sun Seeker is a nifty app that utilises the new Augmented Reality** features in iOS 11 to show the sun's daily path, where it will be positioned in the sky at hourly intervals and its rise and set times. Just open the app and point your phone towards the area you want to photograph and use the information to choose the best angle to capture your holiday memories in the sun.


Instantly print your favourite holiday moments 

Sometimes it’s great to have the option of printing out a photo you’ve taken on holiday to share with those around you. With the HP Sprocket, you can do exactly that. It’s a portable device that prints out snapshots or stickers directly from your iPhone so you can share that great photo straight after taking it. And the best part is that it’s compact and light so you can take it with you no matter where you go to capture all your fun holiday adventures!


Photograph twice as many picture perfect moment 

When you’re snapping away on holiday, the number of photos can really rack up! We’re usually on the lookout for that dreaded message to say that we’re running out of space. But with iOS 11, you can now save a whole lot of space on your iPhone by switching to High Efficiency (HEIF). What this does is compress your image to half the size of JPEG’s without compromising the image quality***. To activate this, go into Settings > Camera > Formats and select High Efficiency. Now you can capture every special moment on holiday without having to worry too soon about running out of space.


Look back on your memories 

Memories has gotten a burst of intelligence with iOS 11 and now picks the best photos and creates quick videos from them. It uses something called machine learning which scans your photos and identifies things like whether people are blinking or types of events like holidays or outdoor activities. You can also customise these videos and share them straight from your iPhone to everyone that was on holiday with you! 

With all of the new features of iOS 11 and your iPhone in your pocket always ready to capture the perfect moment, you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful holiday memories. 


* Please note - the new Portrait Mode features are only available on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

** The AR works on iPhone 6 and the 5th Gen iPad and up - use iPhone 7 and up or iPad Pro for the best performance. 

*** Please note - this feature is only available on iPhone 7 or later and iPad Pro or later. For more info click here.

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