Enjoy your Mac even more with MacOS Sierra

Is there something you need to do on your Mac? With macOS Sierra, you just need to ask it. Siri is now available on your Mac, with new capabilities designed just for the desktop. But that’s not all you can expect from Sierra, stick around and let us give you a guided tour to your new OS.


What macOS Sierra has in store for you - 


If you thought Siri was awesome on your iPhone, you should see what she can do on your desktop. Ask Siri to check the weather, help you with spelling, create emails, search online, you name it.

It can also do just about everything Spotlight can do on your Mac, so Siri can search for files and open apps with commands like “show me PDF files in my Documents folder” or “Open Numbers.”



There are two impressive Continuity features with Sierra: 

  1. You can copy-paste between your Mac and your iPhone.
  2. How many times a day do you have to type in your password to unlock your desktop? Too many if you ask us. Now, you can skip that annoying process by unlocking your Mac with your Apple Watch. 

All Continuity features work over Bluetooth 4.0, so ensure your Bluetooth is enabled on both devices before you copy and paste between them.



If you’re running low on storage, you are going to love the new Optimised Storage feature with Sierra. This feature removes duplicate and unused files from your system. It also optimises your local storage, as well as what you store using the Cloud.

And if you’re bad at emptying your trash, Optimised Storage will actually delete anything in your trash folder that is over 30 days old.



Expect to get all the features included in Photos for iOS 10 with Sierra. So, you’ll find the Memories tab, face recognition, and a photo map in the Mac app. Like the iOS version, Photos on the Mac can now search for objects inside photos, which means it can recognise things like sunsets, beaches, or even birthday cakes. 



Messages on macOS Sierra now supports rich links, so you can see previews of content like websites right in the messages feed. With rich links, videos can also be played without leaving the messages app. There is also a really cool feature called "Tapback" for quickly responding to messages with an icon like a heart or a thumbs up. Bigger emoji, are available in macOS Sierra. When sending one to three emoji, they're displayed much larger than normal.

When you upgrade to macOS Sierra, you get new features that make using your Mac even more efficient and enjoyable. It’s available free on the Mac App Store. But if you require any assistance, you can always book a session at your nearest iStore for service with a smile.

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