What makes Mac different?

    • Say goodbye to viruses

    Everything you do with your Mac is protected by strong privacy and security features. That’s because data security is built into everything Apple makes, from beginning to end. macOS is engineered with advanced technologies that are constantly working together to keep your Mac and the information on it safe.

    • Just about anyone can use one

    macOS comes standard with a wide range of assistive technologies that help people with disabilities experience what the Mac has to offer, providing features you won’t find in other operating systems. These include VoiceOver, FaceTime, Switch Control and text to speech, all designed to help anyone get more out of Mac.

    • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office

    Easily transfer your files, photos and other data from a Windows PC to your Mac. Work with popular file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents as Microsoft have developed versions of these programmes that run on Mac.

    • Access to files from anywhere on any device

    iCloud is the magic behind the seamless experience on Apple devices. Create files on your iPhone on the run and access it from your home Mac automatically. There is no need to do manual transfers.

    • No extra software costs

    With every Mac, you get a collection of powerful built-in apps that will see you through your day-to-day activity or even the occasional creative project. Pages, Keynote and Numbers are the Mac equivalent to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Create and edit photos, videos and music like a pro with Photos, iMovie and GarageBand.

    • macOS Mojave ready

    Mac OS Mojave gives you quick access to apps, group FaceTime and browse through Safari.
    Get this, and so much more from the latest macOS with your new Mac.