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making memories

Over the years, you’ve probably captured a ton of meaningful picture and video moments. Chances are that your Photo’s app probably consists of thousands of pictures from all of your fun escapades. Perhaps so many that you sometimes miss out on reliving an epic memory because it’s just too far to scroll. Your videos folder probably looks pretty similar with little clips all over the show that are crying out to be collated into a memory masterpiece. And guess what, it’s a lot easier than you think! 


In the Photos app on your Mac, you’ll find a gem of a feature called Memories. What it does is take all of your favourite events in Photos on your Mac, collate them and adds music, transitions and more! It creates these amazing collections of photos by scanning your library for significant people in your life, places and holidays. They are all ready and there for you to enjoy without you having to do a thing!


To get started, open your Photos app, click on Memories on the left-hand side and there you’ll find a whole lot of Memories already collated for you. 
Double click the Memory that you want to watch and then click the play button on the top right.



Even though your Memory has been made automatically, there are really easy ways for you to edit them yourself till you’re happy that it’s perfect. Here’s how:


1.  When you click on the play button you’ll see there’s a Theme tab which has a bunch of different themes, select the one you like the most!
2.  There is also a Music tab where you can select music from to suit the mood. Click on this and select one of your favourite tracks off iTunes to play in the background. 
3.  You may want to remove or add some Photos to your Memory. When you click on a Memory, you will see the photos that have been used in that Memory.
4.  Click Show more to see all of them and delete the ones you don’t want to include.

If you scroll to the bottom of a Memory you’ll also see the option to Add your Memory to favourites so that you can view all of your most special moments in one place! 

Creating a Memory from scratch is just as easy. You know your photos best and are also bound to have your personal favourites! All you need to do is go to your Albums and click on the one that you want to create a Memory from. Under the album title at the top, click on Show as Memory and voila, there it is! 


Photos_memories2Using iMovie is another easy way to relive some of your favourite moments with the video that you have captured along the way. Perhaps it’s you child’s first steps, a wedding celebration or a bike trick gone wrong! There are a ton of features on iMovie that you can use to create a simple video or something a whole lot more advanced, whatever you choose.


To get started on a simple video, pick the best from your list of clips. 

Add some beautifully animated titles and credits from the dozens of styles available.
Give your videos a creative look whether it be vintage black and white or something more futuristic by choosing from the 10 video filters available. 
Change the pace of your clip or superimpose an exotic background for something more dramatic using special effects. 
There is also a range of built-in music and sound effects that you can add to your clips.  

The best part about creating your video is sharing it with your family and friends and watching their reactions. Especially the ones that feature ;) You can send it via iMessage if you’re just too excited to wait. You can also publish it via Facebook or Vimeo or post to YouTube in 4k resolution. 

With the features available on Photos and iMovie on your Mac, there are are endless ways for you to creatively package all the footage you have taken and pictures you have snapped over time. You can create something really simple and quick using Memories or get a bit more creative and create some jaw-dropping video content with the advanced features available on iMovie. Either way, why not have some fun and reminisce with Photos and iMovie because making memories is just so much better on Mac.

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