Keep your kids entertained and their minds active with educational toys from iStore

Tiggly & Jimu


Keeping your kids busy this upcoming holiday can sometimes be a daunting task! Television and touch devices can play a beneficial role in learning. But all too often, without guidance and input, consuming content on these devices is not always helpful for development. That’s why, at iStore we have curated a range of accessories and toys for kids of all ages so that they can engage in the type of activities that will keep them happy, stimulated and having fun. Because that’s the most important part of holidays, right?! 


Build together with Jimu

The holiday fun factor just got turned up a massive notch with Jimu Robots! It’s an interactive building block robotics kit that gives your children the ability to create, build and program their own robots. There are three kits - Minikit, Tankbot and Explorer. Each come with a set of building kits to create your own robot with the help of easy-to-follow dynamic 3D illustrative construction on the Jimu Free Robot app for iPad or iPhone. Once you have created your robot you can use the pre-programmed actions or your kids can get creative and program their own. Use your iPad or iPhone to control your robot and take it on all kinds of adventures this holiday. It’s a great way for kids to develop creativity and imagination, hands-on building skills and technical programming skills.


Learn whilst having fun with Tiggly

Tiggly brings together the excitement and appeal of technology that kids love and tangible learning objects into three fun, learning activities for iPad. Each Tiggly product from iStore is coupled with free apps for iPad and focuses on a different learning area - geometry, literacy and maths. The use of shapes, numbers and letters which have been specially designed to work with iPad and the free apps for iPad allow your children to practice these skills through play.  


Tiggly Shapes focuses on learning about shapes and geometric principles as well as on fine motor skills, spatial skills and creativity. It includes a variety of shapes that are paired with the games on iPad and is best suited for 2 to 5-year-old children. 


Watch how Tiggly Shapes works here: 



Tiggly Wordsuses literacy games on iPad and five vowel toys to help children learn about short and long vowel sounds, vocabulary, word building, synonyms and digital storytelling. It is best suited for 5 to 8-year-old-children.



Watch the Tiggly Words video here: 


Tiggly Math Blocks teaches children the basics of counting, addition, subtraction, number line and number sense with five math toys (in the form of counting blocks) and the four math learning games. The games are designed in such a way as to help children understand a range of mathematical concepts in a visually exciting way that will keep them entertained for hours! It is best suited for 3 to 7-year-old children.


More on Tiggly Math here:


Explore and adventure with Ninebot miniPRO 

Enjoying the outdoors and venturing out and about are some of the things kids love to do on holiday and a great activity that you can do together as a family. The Ninebot miniPRO by Segway is the ultimate in adventure toys and the perfect gadget to spend hours venturing around your suburb, in the parks or on the promenade. Through advanced technology, it reads your different body movements to ensure stability and even identifies irregularities on surfaces to adjust the power based on this information. It’s also great for balance and co-ordination and there will be multiple “this is a teaching moment about sharing” when each of your kids wants a turn! The compact and lightweight design means that there’s no way it’s not fitting into the boot when you head off on your family holiday.  


Fun for the whole family with Apple TV

With a ton of games now available on Apple TV, the TV lounge just turned into a full-on games room for the whole family. If your kids need to expend a bit of their youthful energy why not get them up on their feet for some dancing with the Just Dance Now app? There’s also nothing quite like a game of Pictionary that always ends up with everyone in hysterics! Sketch Party TV is the Apple TV version of Pictionary that uses Airplay Mirroring and your iPhone or iPad to draw the image that you want everyone to guess. Sometimes it’s also great to just sit back and relax and enjoy some wholesome family entertainment with your kids. Netflix is just a click away and has an impressive variety of documentaries, movies and series that you can watch together as a family this holiday. 


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