iOS 10 is here. And it’s awesome.

iOS 10 is officially available in SA. So, what’s new? We are going to take you through all the awesome features and let you in on everything you need to know about Apple's dramatically different iPhone and iPad update.

The new interface is almost unrecognisable, but you are going to love all the new features and what iOS 10 has to offer. What makes it sweeter is, it’s totally free to download, just make sure you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

You’re probably wondering, is my device compatible with iOS 10? This update works with iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini 2 and iPod Touch 6th gen or higher, basically if your Apple device has 30-pin dock, it ain’t gonna work. Maybe now is a good time to tell you that you can get a new iPhone every year at iStore


The first difference you will notice as soon as you pick up your iPhone or iPad is, it will wake up. The lockscreen on your apple device has also had a complete revamp. There’s no more Slide to unlock and has been replaced with "Press Home to open.”



3D Touch-enabled iOS 10 notifications work really well for Messages. You can reply to messages as soon as you pick up your phone, without leaving the lockscreen. This "peeking at apps" capability via the lockscreen is also possible with third-party apps like Uber.



There’s nothing worse than notification clutter! Now you can clear all of your old notifications with 3D Touch. Swiping them away one by one is so iOS 9. Hard press the "x" icon within the notifications pulldown menu and then tap the "clear all" box that pops up. It's super easy to clear expired alerts with iOS 10 and will help those with OCD sleep a little better at night.



The Swipe-up-from-the-bottom menu is now split into several panels. it’s also a lot less cluttered. It features the usual four app shortcuts along the bottom (flashlight, stopwatch, calculator and camera app) and moves Night Shift to a new, easy-to-reach spot. But what about the music controls, you ask? Slide right on the Control Centre, and there's a dedicated pane for the volume, playback and device output controls, and even music album cover art.



iOS 10 knows just how important it is to get to your camera app when the perfect photo opportunity arises. Slide the lockscreen right (when Control Centre isn't open) and you'll automatically transition into the camera app.



Like emoji's? You're going to love iOS 10. Apple emojis are now three times bigger than before, and the keyboard will identify words you can replace with emojis via a single tap on each word. There are also 72 new emojis to choose from! Expressions don't stop there. There'll be bubble effects so you can "say it loud" with a bursting bunch of text, or say something "gently" with slow-to-exist texts. You can also use "Invisible Ink" that requires the message receiver to slide their finger over a text or photo. You can react to individual messages with expression-driven Tapbacks and write out meaningful messages with handwritten "digital ink.”



It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Siri is now available in South Africa. Where’s your nearest pizza joint? Siri’s on it! There are some other really cool things about Siri on iOS 10 too. Command your way through third-party apps like WhatsApp, and you don't need to speak like a robot for her to understand you. The Siri-influenced QuickType keyboard uses “differential privacy.” This means iOS 10 understands the wider context of what you're typing, influencing the words in the suggestion bar above the keyboard. It has better context by taking into account the entire sentence, before taking a guess based on the previous word.



iOS 10 uses deep learning to organize photos with what it calls "advanced computer vision.” Create albums based on face, object or scene recognition. iOS 10 will also let you assemble your captured photos and videos of a memory with a movie that's cut automatically. It's customisable, with a number of mood choices and length options.



Did it ever frustrate you that you couldn’t scroll ahead on a route when using Apple Maps? Never again, with iOS 10 you can. You can even zoom to view complicated intersections. Maps will soon be working with third-party developers, so in the very near future you will be able to call up an Uber and pay for the ride without ever leaving the Maps app.



Music selection and discovery for Apple Music subscribers have been given a big boost in iOS 10. A new library menu gives more graphical and intuitive options for users, and is customisable. "For You" has been redesigned, and a playlist called the "My New Music Mix" is automatically presented according to a user's taste, with weekly updates made to the suggested tracks. Alongside My New Music Mix, Apple rolled out an accompanying playlist called "My Favorites Mix," which appears to surface previously played songs mixed in with related tracks.

Now that you know what to expect from iOS 10 and you’re basically salivating just thinking about how cool your iPhone or iPad is going to be with the new software, we think it’s time you did the update and started enjoying the all new, incredibly intuitive iOS 10.

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