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iOS 11 iPad

With iOS 11, your iPad just became more personal, powerful and efficient than it’s ever been. With a host of new and intuitive features that make it the biggest update since the launch of iPad, you’ll be able to get tasks done quicker and work in a whole new way. Here are some our favourites.


Files | Organisation at its finest.

There’s nothing better than having all your files together in one place and now you can do it on iPad. The Files app brings all of your files into one central place where you can browse, search and organise to your heart’s content. There is also a dedicated area for any recent files that you have been using on your iPad from different iOS apps, iCloud Drive and other services for you to quickly and conveniently access. 


New Dock | Quick access to your favourite apps.

With iOS 11 comes the major introduction of the Dock to iPad. It’s available on any screen and allows you to open and switch between different apps instantly. You can customise it so that your favourite apps are just one tap away. The app you used last or the one you use the most will also appear automatically on the side of your dock. If you want to open an app you can also drag it so that it opens in a separate window or snap it into place so that it runs in split screen mode.


Notes and Apple Pencil | Sketch and scribble on another level.

With iOS 11 comes a whole new set of versatile and powerful features for note-taking, tasks or just being creative with your iPad and Apple Pencil. Instant Notes is a feature that allows you to take notes immediately straight from the lock screen and anything that you create here will be saved in the Notes app straight away. All your handwritten notes are now also searchable! So you can search all your scribbles for that one bit of important info that you need. There is also a built-in document scanner in Notes so you can sign or fill in a pdf and save or share immediately.


With the all new Notes app and added functionality for your Apple Pencil you’ll get all kinds of things done in a flash! If you’re compiling an email and also want to include a drawing using your Apple Pencil to elaborate on what you’re saying, you can do so inline rather than at the bottom or as an attachment. Instant Markup means that you can instantly markup any pdf or screenshot with your Apple Pencil before sharing it or saving it for later.


Drag and Drop | Quick and easy from here to there.

You can now move all kinds on things on your iPad from one app to another like text, photos and files. Better yet, you can even select more than one item at a time and just drag and drop to where you want it to be. This is great for multitasking and just getting things done quicker and more efficiently!


Other new features we know you’ll love


When you take a screenshot, there’s generally an important reason why right? With iOS 11 your iPad will immediately ask you if you want to edit or doodle on your screenshot before saving or sending. You also don’t have to save every single one to your camera roll, you can edit it and then delete it once you’ve sent it. 


With added Multitasking features you can now opt to have two apps remain active when you open a second app either in slide over or split view. You can also select your favourite apps from the new App Switcher in the Control Centre.


The Quick Type Keyboard now gives you super fast access to all number, symbol, and punctuation mark keys all on the same keyboard view without having to switch back and forth. To quickly select what you need, all you do is flick down on a key. 


Are you a fan of augmented reality? Apple has now developed something called an ARKit which is a new framework for developers to begin developing AR experiences for their apps. Watch this space!

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