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My photography career was sparked by an iPhone 4 that I purchased years ago. This phone completely changed my life and introduced me to a world of iPhoneography. My iPhone 4 gave me hope, as a young man, I thought that photography (especially as a career) was far out of my reach.

All photographs in this article were taken with an iPhone.


Over the years I have learnt that:


  1. iPhone is basically an all in one photo capture ,editor and share tool. There are many third party apps that you can use of course but the true essence of iPhoneography is making full use of your iOS device by capturing photos, processing and editing them on it.


  1. Capture photo using the volume button to minimize the camera from shaking. This will help you get clear-sharp photos without blur



I always try to be more creative with any potraits I take. I enhance the portrait with my immediate surroundings, shadows, architecture or even other people. In this photo, I used a shadow on the one side of my subject’s face by using the exposure/brightness tool (tap the screen in camera mode, a square will appear, tap and hold the area next to the square then slide up or down to adjust exposure/brightness). In this photo I set it to under expose just enough to retain detail for editing my photo later. I wanted this photo to have a clear contrast feel, so I increased the shadow intensity and lowered my highlights.



For this photo, I was driving in peak afternoon traffic and a warm, golden light caught my eye and I realised that this was a photo worthy moment. I used the exposure method I used in my previous photo and this time I went super low on the brightness level in camera to get a clear orb setting in the horizon. After this, I didn’t need to edit the photo at all.

I love being a photographer because when I’m not working, I get to capture photos soley based on emotion and gut feeling – there is no brief and no limits.


These two boys were walking to school. I took this shot from the ground and used burst mode to because this is an action shot. This worked for this shot because it took clear photos of my two moving subjects. I edited this photo using a third party app called Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is my favourite app for photo editing.

I only cropped a shadow cast by a car and increased the contrast.

If you own an iPhone, it’s not just a phone that can take great photos – it’s adventure in your pocket!


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