Here is what watchOS 3 has in store for you this Spring


The highly anticipated WatchOS 3 is set to roll out in the next few months. You can expect significant changes that will make your Apple Watch feel faster, be more intuitive, and even more powerful than ever before. Let’s explore these new features that’ll help make life’s daily tasks better.


     Performance & experience  

You'll find that your apps launch much, much faster than they did before. That's because Apple has introduced an instant launch feature, and the apps will update in the background so that the information displayed is accurate at all times. You will need to just Swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to access your important settings in Control Center.


    Watch faces  

Step aside Mickey, you can now choose from a bunch of new watch faces including Minnie Mouse, Activity or Numerals. A simple swipe Switches faces, so you can have the Activity face for gym and the Modular face for work. The best part of it, you can configure your face in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.


   Activity improvements 

There’s been an improved on the Activity and Workout apps to help you stay motivated. You'll be able to share, compare and compete with your contacts and get notifications about their progress too. What is also pretty awesome is WatchOS 3 has included benefits for wheelchair fitness. There are two wheelchair-specific workouts, that determine calories burned in a wheelchair according to how hard the surface is and its gradient, while taking into account different seats and wheel heights. The "time to stand" notification can be replaced with "time to roll".



Wherever you are in the world, you can use SOS App to call emergency  services and alert your emergency contacts from the Apple Watch. It works using your phone's cellular connection or WiFi. Holding down the side button on an Apple Watch will give you three options Power Down, Medical ID and SOS. Select the Emergency SOS option by swiping it after holding the side button for six seconds.



What’s the point of messaging if you cant get creative? You can now use stickers, handwriting, full-screen effects and invisible ink on your Apple Watch. Smart Replies are now available within the message notification, and you can use the scribble feature to write custom replies by drawing each letter, which the Apple Watch will convert into text.



Never miss a beat with reminders on your Apple Watch. Access important reminders, or pull up a grocery list right on your wrist and easily check off the items as you add them to your cart. Adding Reminders to your watch face will let you see what you need to do next and find out when tasks are due, all at a glance.


  Find My Friends 

This app is the perfect tool to check in on your loved ones at any time of the day. Now Find My Friends comes to Apple Watch. All you need to do, to access your Friends’ and Family’s locations, tap  your Apple Watch to get quick directions, or contact them via phone or text.


  Breathe app 

Take a breather with the all-new Breathe app, encourage you to take moments throughout the day to do deep breathing sessions. You also get a heart rate summary after the session. Perfect for those intense days at the office.



Control all of your HomeKit-enabled accessories in one, easy-to-use app from your wrist. You will be able to check the status, set a scene, or take a peek using the live-streaming video, or answer the door with just a tap from your wrist.


 This Spring could not come sooner. We can’t wait to test out all of the features that come with WatchOS 3 when the Software update arrives. These updates are set to change our Apple Watches, making them incredible tools to enhance productivity. 

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