Trade in up to 2 iOS devices and get even more cash back,
making it even easier for you to get your hands on the products you love.



How much cash can I get?



iPhone 7
iPhone 7
32GB R3800 cash back
128GB R4200 cash back
256GB R4500 cash back
iPad mini 2
iPhone 7 Plus
32GB R4500 cash back
128GB R4900 cash back
256GB R5300 cash back
iPad mini 2
iPhone 8
64GB R6000 cash back
256GB R7000 cash back
iPad mini 2
iPhone 8 Plus
64GB R7800 cash back
256GB R8500 cash back
iPad mini 2
iPhone X
64GB R9800 cash back
256GB R11 000 cash back


Prices shown are highest trade in values and may vary post in store evaluation.


Terms and conditions


Exclusive to iStore in South Africa. All rights reserved. Mac Trade-in is completed in-store only. The value of the trade-in during the in-store valuation process is subject to the applicant being the lawful owner of the device and the device being in good working order, with no damage whatsoever to the screen, no liquid damage, no damage to the outer shell, including any scratches or small dents, and the device has not had any unauthorised repairs. iStore may decrease the amount of the trade-in valuation if the above conditions are not met or are found to be untrue. A reduced cashback amount will be paid if the working Apple charger/power cable does not accompany the device when trading it in. A second evaluation will be completed at the iStore central processing centre and should the second evaluation be significantly different to the in-store assessment the applicant will be contacted and offered an amended trade-in value or arrangements will be made to return the device. Assessment results are final. All user data must be removed from the device. One Mac may be traded in against one new/upgrade iPhone/Mac/iPad/Watch purchase, either on cash or cellular contract purchase if applicable. If the device to be traded in is linked to a cellular contract, the trade-in can only occur if the device you are trading is linked to a cellular contract older than 6 months, or no money is owed / outstanding towards the payment of the device. Should there be any money owing / outstanding on the device accepting these terms and conditions serves as a declaration that all outstanding money on the device or any obligation to the cellular network for this device will be settled in full, irrespective of whether the device is traded in before the contract expires. When you buy a new iPhone/Mac/iPad/Watch for cash, take out a new cellular contract, or upgrade an existing contract the trade in amount will be passed as cashback via Electronic Funds Transfer only. Payments will only be made into South African registered bank accounts. Should all above conditions be met allow 14 working days for the committed cash amount to be transferred. By signing up for this offer you are not ordering a device. Device Trade-in will not be considered if the serial number on my device has been removed, damaged or hidden or if my device itself has been altered, tampered or meddled with in any way. iStore will not be held liable for any misrepresentation caused due to an unintentional copy error, and/or omission that may occur on any of our material.

Only Apple products bought in South Africa from Authorised Resellers are eligble for trade-in at iStore E&OE.