Last light
by Jonathan de la Querra

February winner

The Oberoi Mumbai
by Hemesh Dhulab

March winner

Terms and conditions

Exclusive to iStore in South Africa. All rights reserved.

1) Entry is open to anyone living in South Africa.

2) You do not have to be a professional photographer or illustrator to submit an entry. All images or illustrations need to be taken and edited on an Apple device.

3) Entries that have been taken on an a non-Apple device or smartphone or edited on a non-Apple computer will not be eligible to win or be finalists in any competitions.

4) A maximum of 10 images/ illustrations may be submitted per overall competition period (usually 1 year).

5) Entrants need to use the entry form page to submit their details and photographs/illustrations for the judges’ perusal.

6) By entering the entrant gives the organiser full usage rights of the photographs and illustrations entered. This includes but is not limited to using entered images on social media platforms, websites, emailers, flyers, billboards, store merchandising or any other form of marketing material.

7) All photographs and illustrations must be the original work of the entrant. Any entrant has the sole responsibility for ensuring that their photograph and illustrations does not infringe any copyrights

8) The original source material (original image taken or illustration created on an Apple device) together with original metadata must be kept by entrants at all time. Should an entrant not be able to provide the original source material to check metadata and which device it was created on they will immediately be ineligible for winning or being finalists in any competition.

9) Max upload size: 1920px x 1080px or 5MB

10) The vetting process remains at the discretion of the judges - the photographs/illustrations could still be declined if not deemed appropriate whether it adheres to the entry stipulations or not.