Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Repayment Plan
A Repayment Plan is similar to a budget facility. Customers will be able to purchase handsets and gadgets and place them on a 12 or 24 months Repayment Plan

How does a repayment plan work?

The interest rate charged on the repayment plans are discounted and the instalments are fixed based on the credit limit available to the customer. The monthly instalments with a preferred rate are the same every month.

Is the iStore Card limited to iStore purchases only?

The iStore Card will work as a normal Credit Card and will be accepted at any accredited Point-of-Sale device.

What costs are associated with the the iStore Card?

The standard monthly fee is R35. The monthly service fees will be waived for the first year on all newly opened accounts, provided that the account is paid up and in order.

Where do I collect my iStore Card?

The card will be delivered to you, to your home work as you specify, free of charge.

You will have to have original and clear copies of the following documents on delivery of the iStore Card:


  • Identification document (original barcoded green ID book)
  • Proof-of-Residence: Documents reflecting your name and current residential address (no less than 3 months old)
  • Copy of Payslip/BankStatement 


How do I pay my balance on my iStore Card?

You will be able to pay via the following channels: ATM's, Cheque, Internet Banking, Cellphone or Telephone Banking, Cash Deposit at any Standard Bank branch and or by performing an Electronic Account Payment (EAP). Alternatively, you can load a Debit Order to automatically pay your iStore Card every month.

How do I get my iStore Card PIN number?

To use your iStore Card, you would first need to get a PIN (Personal Identification Number) from any Standard Bank branch or over IVR.
The PIN can be used for deposits, withdrawals, Electronic Account Payments (EAP), Internet banking or transfers at the ATM.

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