• Get a new iPhone every year.

    iStore is making it easier for you to get a new iPhone every year. Pay it off monthly with iStore Card, then come back in a year, trade in your iPhone and trade up to a new one.

Getting the latest and greatest iPhone is just the best. Having to wait a whole two years before you can upgrade to the next iPhone, that’s the worst. At iStore, we’re about to change all that.


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How it works

24 month payment plan

Take out a 24-month payment plan for the latest iPhone using your iStore Card.


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SIM only contract

Get your SIM only contract separately on any network and enjoy or use your own existing connectivity option.


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Trade in

Come back in 1 years time and trade in your old iPhone.


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Get the latest

Upgrade to the  latest iPhone. It’s the best. No more sadness.


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Why iStore Card

First access to new apple products and

iStore offerings.

No monthly service fee for the

first 12 months.

Preferred interest rates

when using budget repayment plans.

No early settlement penalties.




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Affordable monthly payment plans on iStore Card

Terms and Conditions

All iStore trade in terms and conditions apply. Visit http://www.myistore.co.za/trade-in-terms/ for full set.

Should you exercise the yearly upgrade option and subsequently trade in your financed iPhone, under the terms of iStore’s trade in programme, the financed iPhone that you traded in will not be returned to you. iStore will refund you the prevailing trade in value at the time of returning the iPhone which can be used to settle the outstanding balance of the payment plan for the current financed iPhone. A new payment plan associated with your new, upgraded iPhone will be calculated at a new rate determined by the new iPhone purchased. You will, however, owe the difference, if any, between the trade in value (as determined by iStore) and the remaining balance of your original payment plan. If there is a surplus between the trade in value and the remaining balance of your original payment plan, then you will have a credit on your card account for the surplus.

In order to take up a 24 month payment plan you need to have applied and have been approved for (and thus the owner of) an iStore Card. The iStore Card approval and issue is conditional on a full credit vetting process being successful and an adequate credit rating being approved by the Financial Services institution who issues iStore Card.

Together with the above you will need:

  • To be credit worthy at point of programme upgrade
  • To have a credit rating at point of upgrade that covers the full value of your selected new iPhone purchase

In order to upgrade to a new iPhone every year, thus canceling your current payment plan after 12 instalments and taking up a new 24 month payment plan, you need to:

  • Take out a new 24-month payment plan at the time of trade in
  • Ensure the iPhone you are trading in is in excellent condition and adheres to all current iStore trade in programme terms and conditions
  • Be liable for the difference, if any, between the value of the iPhone you are trading in, as determined solely by iStore, and the remaining balance of your original payment plan. 

All above is conditional on iStore still offering a 24-month finance product (via iStore Card or another method) at the time of upgrade.