So what are your goals for 2017?


Was your time management a little all over the show in 2016? Have you promised yourself that this year, you’re going to spend less of your day wasting time and find easier ways to do things while giving productivity a new meaning in your life? With iPad, iOS 10 and some incredible apps, there are endless ways to streamline day to day tasks to save you a ton [...]

Enjoy the freedom with the Ninebot miniPRO by Segway. Once you’ve mastered your riding skills you will go 4 times faster than normal walking and you’ll have way more fun. Be in control! Stay balanced due to innovative technology and steer naturally with your knees. Plus your phone can also serve as a remote control on a dashboard that displays your current speed.

It may sound a little bit technical but really, it’s very simple. A CPO unit is a refurbished unit that has gone through Apple’s certified rigorous tests and checks to make sure it matches up to Apples high standards. It is tested for full functionality and comes with a new IMEI number and outer body. Not only that, it also comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

They are factory quality guaranteed, just like a new one.
They come with a standard 1 year warranty, [...]

Are you getting yourself into a bit of a tizz trying to find the absolute perfect gift for someone this holiday? At iStore we have something that may just tick every box. It e [...]

Is there something you need to do on your Mac? With macOS Sierra, you just need to ask it. Siri is now available on your Mac, with new capabilities designed just for the desktop. But that’s not all you can expect from Sierra, stick around and let us give you a guided tour to your new OS.


What macOS Sierra has in store for you - 


You may have heard about iStore’s iPad Trade-in campaign. But have you ever wondered where your old iPads go to? Well, they couldn't go to anyone more deserving than our bright students of this country. For every 10 iPads traded in at iStore by customers, one gets donated to an iPad lab and this time, it was Sunnyside Primary’s turn. 

Thanks to your kindness and trade-ins, we were able to donate our next iPad lab to the wonderful faculty and students of this [...]

Have a ball

Simply put, holidays mean countless hours of play time. If you’re a parent, make play time count by giving your kids their first introduction to programming and coding in an incredibly visual, engaging, and hands-on way with Sphero. Let them create their own games and programs to control where Sphero goes for valuable skills development and endless hours of fun.




There is no better story than one that leaves you with warm and fuzzy feelings after hearing it. And this story is about to do just that. So, if you’re the emotional type, grab a tissue and enjoy.


It all started in a little town called Nelspruit. A few months ago, Cat [...]

Some things just go well together – like salt and pepper, Ross and Rachel, popcorn and slushies. And it’s because they complete each other. Make the sum of the parts greater than the whole. Take the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro for example. On it’s own, it’s a huge jump forward for iPad, but add the power of the new Apple Pencil and Smart keyboard – well there’s just no matching the results.

iPad Pro is not just the latest iPad, it’s the future in the pa [...]

Whether you’re a teacher, have a child at school, or one day will have a stake in education, here’s the word you should be paying attention to: Makerspace.

Much like iPads and technology shifted the way our kids learn and invigorated the way teachers teach, so too is global trend Makerspace transforming the learning space.

Make [...]

Whether your Mac has Retina display or not, is 12” or 13”, or weighs under 1kg or just over, you’re using a device that has millions of loyal fans around the world, and a creative and innovative history that started in 1984, when the first Mac was introduced. It was probably the most anticipated personal computer release ever, and its evolution over the last 32 years has resulted in devices that are fast, slick, powerful and beautiful.

They say th [...]

Tanya Meyer is an exemplary high school learner at Northcliff High School in Johannesburg, which has an ethos of  academic and extramural excellence. Tanya was constantly challenged  by the daily demands of juggling school work with sports and cultural activities. She became increasingly frustrated with the amount of time she spent on certain tasks, and started looking at efficient ways of simplifying the things she was doing. When her teachers started using iPads in the cla [...]


No matter which Mac you choose, you’re getting a computer that features the latest technology and lets you do amazing things straight out of the box. 

Free creativity and productivity apps

Free apps to write, analyse data, present your work in engaging ways, help you collaborate and produce amazing projects.


El Capitan

Build on our most advanced desktop op [...]

Since the introduction of iPad and the Sage Evolution Mobile applications, Chemvulc has brought new speed and efficiency to their customer service and sales. Previously, with the manual processes and heavy administrative tasks, a customer would receive their invoice in a few hours or days but with the use of iPad and Sage Evolution Mobile, sales reps can now complete complex pricing and inventory processes in a fraction of the time it once took. It has allowed Chemvulc to reduce the amount [...]

The iPhone is power [...]

iSchoolAfrica is an education initiative developed by Apple’s local Value Added Distributor, Core Group, which reaches under-resourced rural and township schools across South Africa. The overall objective of the initiative is to empower teachers and students by providing them with access to the world’s most advanced educational technology and classroom practices.

The iSchoolAfrica iPad Learning Programme combines mobile iPad labs with training, support, integration, monitoring and evaluati [...]

Located in the outskirts of Pretoria and founded in 1954, Transoranje School for the Deaf has 200 deaf and hard of hearing children from pre-primary to high school. A government-subsidised school, it is also a place where the children are cared for, loved and recognised. The school’s over arching philosophy is to empower their students by developing them into well-adjusted, responsible, independent, productive and self-sustaining individuals who are well pr [...]

Most people think of iTunes as a place for music, shows and app, but it’s also a library of education, literally.

iTunes has a section called iTunes U, which has an ever-growing collection of educational courses from institutions around the world such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT. You can freely access more than 800 000 resources on every topic from how to create origami art to how to bake a scuffle to how to start a startup company. iTunes is brilliant if you’ [...]

These days it’s not enough to have a great product, workforce and market. To be better, faster and more productive, you need to call in the big guns, or as they’re commonly knowns as – apps.

Footwear Trading, which represents top brands such as Diesel, Levi’s, Jeep, Skechers and Fila in South Africa put their best foot forward and got an app built for their business, which has completely shifted their operations.

Footwear Trading [...]