iCloud is the difference between crisis and calm if you lose your device, or if you’re upgrading to a new one, or if you just want to see all your pictures, music and documents from any Apple device you have.

iCloud is a web-based storage service from Apple, and whether you’re using it or not, here are some tips to get started, or get it working in the best way possible for you.


What is iCloud?



Award-winning design on Mac

Mac has always been a firm favourite for designers and macOS continues to provide the ideal platform on which to create beautiful work. There are a ton of reasons why designers love Mac. Reliability, beautiful design and powerful specs are just some of them.

If you’re a designer and in the market for a Mac then you may be asking yourself which one is right for you?

Each Mac brings to the table an impressive set of specs that suit all kinds [...]

As much as one would want to believe otherwise, fraudsters are always coming up with new plans and ideas to get a hold of valuable personal information or to trick you to get a hold of some extra cash. One of the best forms of ammunition against becoming a victim of fraud is knowing what to look out for. We have put together a list of tips and warnings that will help prevent you from being duped by individuals selling Apple products or posing as Apple in order to steal your personal informa [...]


Are you heading off to university or college this year? Do you have a really rad set of headphones, but your music playlist is getting a little stale? Well, we have great news for you. If you're a student at a degree-granting university or college, you can join Apple Music today and get 50% off your subscription for up to 4 years! And what’s even cooler is, the time does not need to be continuous.

So what does this all mean and how do you claim your discount? When you join Apple Music a [...]

You have a presentation tomorrow and your Mac has frozen for no apparent reason.

The panic sets in and you ask yourself “What do I do now?” 

After cleaning up the spill, take a deep breath in, then out… and book a technical appointment at iStore! 


Did you know, 3 out of 5 of your friends pretend to know what an Apple TV is and don’t? Ok, we may have made that statistic up, but if you are someone who isn’t exactly sure what an Apple TV does and why it doesn’t have a huge screen like other TVs; you really aren’t alone. There may be a few Apple Fanboys who’ll giggle at the thought of someone not knowing this basic info, but don’t mind them. We all have to start somewhere.

This little black box is the gateway to a world of en [...]

With iOS 11, your iPad just became more personal, powerful and efficient than it’s ever been. With a host of new and intuitive features that make it the biggest update since the launch of [...]

With iOS 11, your iPhone becomes more personal, professional and efficient than it’s ever been. With a host of new and intuitive features for your Camera, Siri, 24/7 music enjoyment and mo [...]