Give dad a winning gift this Fathers Day


Sure, it’s important to know how to pitch a tent, hang a picture straight and change a tyre in lightening speed without breaking a sweat. But we have a couple of hints to give your old man this Fathers Day to make sure that on top of his manly skills, he’s always up to date and in the know. 


1. How to take a selfie:

Technically challenged or not, selfie taking is not as easy as it looks. With the amazing FaceTime HD Camera* on his iPhone and 5-megapixel photos**, dad is all set to capture perfection. But let’s be on the safe side and save dad some embarrassment with these practical selfie-taking tips:


  • To get started, open the camera app on your phone and select the camera icon with the arrows in a circle, in the top right hand corner of your screen 
  • Minimise the unsightly appearance of arms in your picture by plugging in your Apple earphones and using the volume button to take the picture.
  • Hold on tight! Between holding your phone, making sure you look good and taking the picture, accidents can happen. Make sure you’re fully protected with the Survivor Journey Case for iPhone 6/6S to absorb the impact of those unplanned disasters while pulling your best pose.
  • Don’t be shy. The new Retina Flash*** on your iPhone has a pre flash that picks up the lighting around you and uses a True Tone flash to match the ambient light to ultimately make you look good, so you have nothing to worry about.


2.  How to be fit and cool. At the same time.

It’s one thing to go for the odd jog around the block and feel as though you’ve achieved something, but with Fitbit Surge, it’s a whole other ball game to be able to track your distance, heart rate and calories and even catch up on some admin while you do it. Fitbit Surge is the ultimate fitness super watch that is bound to turn dads training regime into a next-level fitness experience.



3. How to listen to those golden oldies in style 

You’ve come to accept that dad is never going to be as much of a Bieber fan as you and so you’re used to him playing his old classics on repeat. The only requirement? Good quality sound. With JBL Everest Elite headphones dad can immerse himself in his music without boring the entire family. With Apple Music you can help him build his ultimate collection and create the perfect playlist for those lazy Sunday afternoons. 


4. How to stay charged

There’s nothing worse than not being able to reach your dad when you really need him. When battery starts to dwindle, show your dad how to conserve his battery by turning on his low power mode in Settings on his iPhone. Make sure he is even better prepared with the lightweight and compact Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s, keeping him in touch and online. 


Amazing apps for dad:



Snapguide is the ultimate “how to” guide for all those DIY projects dad has been wanting to tackle for ages. Follow the picture guides to go from zero to hero and also create your own guides to share with others of all those things dad loves to do.





 Take the stress out of braaing for the big Father’s Day lunch with the GrillTime app. Make sure your meat is cooked to perfection by setting timers for different types of meat, vegetables and more. 





Dad will dominate the golf course with the advanced Golfshot app. Get accurate distances on the course, track scores with the easy-to-use scorecard, zoom in via satellite imagery and gain interesting statistics on your game.

Free (In-App Purchases)




Make sure dad is on top of his game with this powerful organizational tool. Whether he’s an engineer or an artist, Trello will allow him to plot, organise and complete his tasks like never before. 

Free (In-App Purchases)


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