Get started with Watch OS 5


Apple Watch is a solid companion and coach when it comes to reaching all of your health and fitness goals and generally just getting things done during the day. 

With new features on Watch OS 5, you’ll be pushing past new limits and staying even more connected with those around you. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of what you can expect.



#1 Get running fit

The new Watch OS 5 brings a series of advanced new features to help you up your running game. Now you can pick a target pace that you’d like to maintain for your run and Apple Watch will help you to keep on track by letting you know whether you’re behind or ahead as you go. 

A rolling pace allows you to see your split for the preceding kilometre at any one time so that you can constantly see how you’re doing. 

Optimal cadence (steps per minute) is a way to increase your efficiency on your run and decrease your risk of injuries. Now you can track cadence directly in your Workout app.


#2 Go old school with Walkie-Talkie

Do you remember when you were a kid and you spent hours in the garden playing walkie-talkie with your friends? Well, believe it or not, the new Watch OS 5 brings Walkie-Talkie straight to your wrist. It’s super easy to use. All you need to do is add your friends and family, select who you want to speak to, hold down to speak and your message will be recorded and sent. Why not add in an “over and out” at the end of your message for old times sake?


#3 Automate your workout tracking

Apple Watch can now automatically detect when you have started or ended your workout and will send you a notification to either start or end your workout. It’s super handy to have this reminder when you’re getting all psyched and giving high fives before a workout or when you’re trying to catch your breath at the end.


#4 Challenge a friend to a “friendly” competition 

Activity Competitions are a fun way to get active and competitive with your friends. Challenge them to a seven-day competition where you earn points based on the percentage of Activity rings closed. The more you workout, the more points you get and the better that victory will taste in the end. Alerts will keep you on top of game as each of you compete till the best one wins!


#5 Log new workouts 

Yoga and hiking are new workouts that have been added to Apple Watch. With yoga, your Apple Watch will track your heart rate and log important statistics like the amount of calories burned. When you go hiking, you can track your elevation in real time so that you get all the credit that’s due for the calories burned on those tough, steep hills. 


#6 Listen to quality content while you work out

If you need to double up on productivity while you work out and you never have time to read, now you can listen to Podcasts straight from your wrist. The next several episodes are automatically synced and queued on your Apple Watch so if you enjoy listening on your AirPods while you run then this new feature is for you!


#7 Enjoy a smarter Siri

By just lifting and speaking into your Apple Watch, you can now engage with Siri without having to get past the niceties first. Also, Siri now uses machine learning to work out what content is most relevant to you and displays this on the Home screen. 


#8 Get rid of distractions 

Do not Disturb on Apple Watch now has more options so that you can remain distraction free for the amount of time that you need to whether it be for one hour or until you leave that specific location.  



Watch OS 5 is compatible with Apple Watch series 1-3. 

It is not compatible with the first-generation Apple Watch. 

*Some features are subject to country and region. 

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