From iPhoneography to iStore Makers



From iPhoneography to Makers


So you’ve been part of the iPhoneography family for a while now. For some of you it started way back in 2011 and for others, you submitted your first masterpiece to the competition in 2015. But somehow it feels like you have been part of this forever. What started as a small group of hopefuls in 2011, experimenting with their iPhones and capturing meaningful moments, has now grown to a community of over 4000 iPhoneographers who over the past 5 years have taken  over 18000 epic photo’s and won some even more epic prizes ranging from iPods to iPads to MacBook Airs. Every year we’ve gathered in Johannesburg and Cape Town to proudly show off what you have created at the iPhoneography exhibition. Whether it was a portrait of your dog, something abstract that caught your eye or a proudly South African piece, we’ve loved them all. 


In fact, we’ve loved them so much that this year we’ve decided to start something bigger and better. It’s obvious that you’re a pretty talented bunch. Not only do you have a knack for taking some spectacular photographs, but some of you are creating beautiful illustrations that are getting us really excited. So we’ve widened the opportunity for you to now submit photographs as well as illustrations on any one of your favourite Apple products. It’s totally up to you. 


And here’s the kicker. Gone are the days of the annual iPhoneography competition and only catching up with fellow iPhoneographers once or twice a year. We’re taking this thing to a whole new level. You now get to create, be inspired and share all year round. With opportunities to learn more with the latest tips and tricks, get involved in a variety of events and enter tons more competitions, we think you’re going to love it. Because we know you love to make cool stuff. That’s why we’re calling it Makers. And we can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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