Finish strong with Mac and macOS Sierra

There’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve finished off the year well. Perhaps you have a fun holiday to look forward to or you’re excited about spending time doing things that you just haven’t had time to do, like editing your photos and videos, or writing a blog. No matter what it is, with Mac and macOS Sierra you can do all this and more.


Give spring cleaning a new meaning.

There’s nothing better than ending off the year feeling free of clutter. With macOS Sierra you can now keep your Mac squeaky clean and get rid of all those unwanted files and unused apps. Your Mac will now prompt you to delete app installers that you no longer need and it will clear out duplicate files, caches, logs and anything else that is just taking up unnecessary space. It’s also a whole lot easier to find and delete large files that you haven’t used in a while, or don’t use at all. Don’t you just feel lighter already? So whether it’s your MacBook that you use for work or the family iMac, make sure you start the new year on a clean slate. 


Siri just gets it done.

Do you find yourself in a mad rush at the end of the year making sure that every list you’ve ever had has been ticked off, all your work is complete and your holiday all booked and planned? Why don’t you let Siri make things a little easier for you! With macOS Sierra, Siri is right on hand to help you multitask like a boss. While you’re finishing off that last report ask Siri to update your colleague on the progress, or ask Siri to find out what the weather is doing at your holiday destination to make packing later that night a little easier. Sounds like a real assistant right? Well that’s exactly what she is.


Picture perfect memories.

The best part of any holiday is the lasting memories that you create. MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the ideal Mac to view and edit all of your videos and photos captured while on holiday. Now with macOS Sierra and Memories, your photos app on your Mac will take the best photos in your photo library and create stunning collections to share with the whole family. iCloud Photo Library also lets you view your photos on all of your devices so that everyone can share in your experiences no matter where you are. Make sure you put your best foot forward with powerful editing tools on the Photos app on your Mac to edit and perfect your holiday pictures.  


Making smart choices for your education.

Take your education into your own hands in 2017 with Mac. Explore your creativity and create engaging material with built in apps on your Mac and take your projects to new levels. With incredible apps for Mac, a long battery life and fast processing power Mac is revolutionising the way that learners tackle their schoolwork. And now you can own a Mac with incredible deals at iStore and make sure that you’re fully prepped for your next year at school or university.  

Click here for more information on the educational discount available at iStore.


Now that you’ve taken all of this good news in, we’re about to tell you that it actually gets better. Not only are there a ton of great features to enjoy on your Mac, you can now enjoy them on the most cutting edge Macbook Pro ever designed. It’s more powerful, more advanced and more beautiful than ever before. Do you want to hear more? Here are some of our favourite features.


Touch Bar, Touch ID*

If you have an iPad or an iPhone then you’re probably at the stage where you can’t imagine living without Touch ID. Well, now it’s come to Macbook Pro and gives you quick instant access for all your logins. The Touch Bar is a replacement for all the function keys at the top of your keyboard. Depending on what you’re doing, the Touch Bar changes to show you keys that are relevant to what you’re doing at the time. You can even customise it to show you commands that you like to use regularly. 


*Only available on 2.9GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro and 2.6GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro


An even brighter display

It just keeps getting better doesn’t it? With the new Macbook Pro, prepare yourself for the most colourful display ever. With a brighter LED backlighting an increased contrast ratio which gives you whiter whites and blacker blacks, images will look more vivid than ever before. In addition to this, a larger pixel aperture and variable refresh rates means that the new MacBook Pro is more power efficient than previous generations which is ideal the you’re out and about or traveling. 


More power to the people.

No matter what you do on a daily basis, you no doubt need to do it quickly, efficiently and conveniently. With the new MacBook Pro you have up to 130% faster graphics, up to 3.8GHz Turbo Boost processing, up to 100% faster Flash storage and up to 10 hours of battery life. With this kind of power and storage you can process complex tasks like heavy video encoding and rendering of 3D models no matter where you are. 

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