Excellence in Education 2017

Excellence in Education

In such a fast changing world - it is critical that education ensures that our students develop competencies such as digital literacy, creativity, media fluency and collaboration. With this in mind, the Excellence in Education competition was launched in 2006  The awards is now brought to schools by Think Ahead, an organisation passionate about bringing 21st-century technology into the classroom in a dynamic and sustainable way. The Awards celebrates the passion and potential of each student and recognises the creative use of technology in the classroom in a way which contributes to preparing our youth to live and learn in today’s world. On top of that, it also aims to prepare them with the skills that they need for future employment. The competition has seen thousands of entries from schools across the country and winners have included teachers and students from private, rural and township schools.

Apple devices are the key catalyst of this initiative and just like Think Ahead, iStore are passionate about seeing education transformed.

The 2017 Excellence in Education challenge is on and heating up. For detailed information on how to enter and what it’s all about, visit the website here


The Awards 

Here’s a run-down of the different categories for 2017 for you to submit your awesome projects to: 


Artistic Excellence

This category is wide open and gives students the opportunity to express themselves through the arts such as drama, music and visual arts. The projects are not curriculum focussed but rather, the students get to decide what they want their project to be about. These projects always prove to be an astounding representation of our student’s talent.


Curriculum Challenge

Using Apple technology, students have the freedom to apply their own creativity to bring any area of their school curriculum to life. The students are given a problem that they need to solve and each of them needs to interpret, research and present a solution in their own unique and creative way. The projects are done in groups and submitted in the form of either an ebook or video, depending on what suits their project best.



This category gives all the teachers their time to shine and the opportunity to demonstrate how they have effectively utilised technology in their classroom and cultivated an innovative environment for teaching and learning. 



Passion and creativity are the driving force behind the submissions for this category. It’s all about what defines your South Africa, what are your hopes and dreams for South Africa and even what would you do if you were president for a day? Students can use any device to create these amazing projects. 


Youth Journalism

Have you heard about the iSchool Africa Youth Press Team? It sets up press teams in schools so that students can have a voice on issues that affect them. Students are able to submit video content on stories they have created during the year such as an event at their school or in their community. 


Design Your School

This gets students dreaming about and brainstorming their ideal school that would make them feel inspired and motivated to learn. They are encouraged to redesign a specific space, or even their entire school in such a way that reflects future-ready, healthy and sustainable spaces that they feel fosters achievement. This category will really get students thinking out-the-box in terms of what types of learning environments suit how they like to learn.


Innovation in Higher Ed

Lecturers from tertiary institutions are given the opportunity to show how they have successfully incorporated technology into their learning environments on a tertiary level. This is shown through examples of activities, students work and innovative teaching methods. 


Get inspired


If you’re keen to take part in this exciting competition why not start off by getting inspired by some the previous students work from 2014 and 2015. Check out one of our favourites from 2015 here


Good luck!


For more information contact: [email protected] 



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