Works just like a new one. But costs way less.

Certified Pre-owned iPhone from R4499 or R199pm at iStore.

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Just because an iPhone isn’t brand new doesn’t mean it’s not great anymore.
Thanks to regular iOS updates and high manufacturing standards,you’ll find
our pre-owned iPhone is still very much up for any challenges you can throw at it.

Certified Pre-owned


Certified Pre-owned


Certified Pre-owned


Tested and ready to go.


Genuine Apple iPhone


Genuine Apple Parts


With 12 month warranty

At iStore we offer a range of certified previously loved iPhone at much lower prices than their newer siblings. We’ve made sure that they’re in good* condition, free of third party parts and refurbished by an Apple Authorised Service Provider. We then repackage it with all of its accessories and cables in a brand new box.

*Condition may include light wear & tear or scratches.

A new contract for a Certified Pre-owned.

Get a previously loved iPhone on contract.

iPhone 7

32GB | CPO

R199 PMx24

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iPhone 8

64GB | CPO

R399 PMx24

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See for yourself.

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Terms and conditions:
These are previously used iPhones that were traded in at iStore. They are in great condition, are free of third party parts and have been completely refurbished by an Apple Authorised Service provider. They are not repackaged in original Apple packaging but come in sleek locally manufactured packaging.iCare Plus does not apply to this product. These iPhones come with a locally guaranteed 12 month warranty as per CPA regulations. Units are subject to availability online & in-store and may vary by store as well as day to day. Units are sold on a first come first serve basis.

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