Celebrate every aspect of dad with the perfect gift from iStore

Celebrate every aspect of dad with the perfect gift from iStore

Father and daughter


Stumped on where to start looking for your Father’s Day gift this year? It’s not surprising that you’re struggling to find the gift that’s just right to celebrate someone who has all kinds of different interests and things that he likes to do.To help you out, we’ve rounded up some awesome gifts to thank the dad in your life for everything that he is to you. Whether he likes to stay fit and healthy, play his music on full volume or make sure he’s on trend, why not pick a gift this year that you know he’ll really love. 


For the fitness fundi dad 

Staying fit has always been an inspiring trait of your dad’s. His cheering you on from the sidelines at the game and his constant encouragement has meant that a healthy fit lifestyle has rubbed off on you.  

You know how much your dad loves cycling and being outdoors, so why not get the family together to buy him a Wahoo Elemnt Cycling Computer? This simple yet powerful GPS biking computer gives you all the functionality and advanced features that your dad will need to reach his riding goals. Along with the simple ELEMNT Companion app that he can download on his iPhone, he’ll be able to fine-tune his ride by uploading all of his data, maps and previous results and connect to all of his favourite cycling platforms. 

If the Apple Watch is a device that’s firmly planted on your dad’s wrist for every workout, then the Catalyst Case in black will be a serious contender for the Father’s Day Present of the year. This case offers extra protection for all of dads adventurous activities, no matter where they take him.


For the dad whose actually still a kid

Let’s be honest, most dads have an inner child that never really dies. It’s priceless to see that childlike, ear-to-ear grin that he gets when your gift is the ‘toy’ he’s always wanted. We’re pretty sure this one will be right up there on the top ‘toy’ list. The Ninebot Mini Pro is a whole lot of adventure packed into one small Segway machine. Through advanced technology, it reads your different body movements to ensure stability and it even identifies irregularities on surfaces and adjusts the power based on this information. Going up to 25 km/h in speed, your dad will be whizzing his way around. Basically, all the technical jargon aside, this gift will have your dad exploring and adventuring whether he’s going to the shop down the road or having some fun and doing some tricks on the driveway (with you of course). 

For the dapper dad

As much as you sometimes hate to admit it, the dad in your life is doing pretty well when it comes to keeping up with the trends. He’s had his moments, but on the whole, you haven’t been entirely embarrassed by his appearance in public, you’ve even been inspired. To make sure that his sense of style maintains it’s impressive trajectory, you may feel like it’s your duty to ensure that he’s kitted with trendy accessories for his favourite tech device. 

The 15-inch Knomo Maxwell Brief in charcoal for his Mac is not only a sleek, slick choice for your dad’s fashionable tastes, but it’s got all the built-in features that his old-school briefcase had. There are internal and external pockets that keep him organised as well as a clever inbuilt anti-RFID material pocket that prevents information and data theft from important things like his credit card and passport.  

For his iPhone 7, the Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case is the classic choice for a dad who appreciates beautiful quality and simple form. The case comes in rich tones making it a versatile choice for your dad, fit for any occasion, whether he’s in his business suit or weekend shorts. 

For the creative dad  

If capturing his surrounds, whether it’s the beach or the mountains, has always been something that your dad loves to do, then the DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. It’s an impressive amount of power packed into one small, compact drone that has been dubbed one of the most sophisticated flying cameras ever. It has a 4K camera which is stabilised by a 3-axis mechanical gimble which is great if he’s still a novice or navigating some dips and dives. It comes with a game-like controller for flight and you can also control it with your iPhone. Family holidays may have just taken on a whole new meaning with this gift! 

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