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At iStore, we believe that some things just work better when they’re together. That’s why in addition to being the home of everything Apple, we’re also your one stop shop for all the tech necessities and helpful advice that add value to the Apple product you already love so much. iStore has a huge range of high quality and relevant accessories that help you to enrich your daily life, be more efficient, take you to the next level of your hobby like photography or just have fun! We have everything you need to create an entirely personalised and connected lifestyle that works for you. 


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The tech landscape in 2017

We are in an exciting era where almost every aspect of our lives is linked to technology. It’s completely altered the way we access and consume content and changed how we go about our day-to-day tasks. From the platforms we use to talk to each other, to how we get things done, to how we relax and everything in between, tech has been integrated into every part of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. With an abundance of resources at our fingertips, there are endless ways to make our lives and the lives of others easier. It’s mind blowing and exciting all at once! 

Let’s take a step back and have a look at a some trends that are changing the technology landscape as we know it and influencing the way we go about our daily lives in 2017.  


A new conversation

With so many different ways to communicate with one another, the way a conversation looks has changed dramatically in 2017. Through social media, voice notes, emoji’s, FaceTime and more, getting in touch with someone remotely has become a much richer, more dynamic experience. The challenge of time and distance exists no more and with all of the incredible tools and features that come with any of your Apple devices, building relationships with one another, whether it be business or personal, has become a whole lot easier. 

There’s nothing worse than a conversation that gets cut short when you run out of battery. You were probably about to get to the punch line of a juicy story or on the brink of closing that deal. iStore’s wide range of wireless chargers like the Anker PowerCore or the Griffin Battery Travel Pack that go better with all your Apple devices will keep you charged up and connected to what matters to you. 

Business apps are also a great way to communicate effectively in teams and at iStore, we’re here to advise you on all the apps that go better with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Asana is one such  app that provides a platform for teams to work together efficiently.


Health awareness

With global disease on the rise, individuals are becoming a whole lot more aware of their health status and are eating better and exercising more regularly. Technology has allowed us to take responsibility for maintaining a personalised healthy lifestyle, whether it be through apps on our iPhones or an Apple Watch that tracks our daily activities. There are also loads of apps that are integral to other areas of our lives like healthy eating or relaxation.

With technology as an enabler for healthier living, iStore ensures that you have access to the most innovative health accessories that go better with your iOS device like the Up Right Pro. This nifty product is specifically designed to aid better posture and combat back pain, injury and a host of other health issues. You can also keep tabs on how you’re doing by checking in on the app on your iPhone during the day. 

Fitness apps are a great way to reach those challenging fitness goals. Pairing an app like Strava with your Apple Watch allows you to track your workouts and view your progress as you go. Siri is also always there to give you a some added encouragement when the going get’s really tough. With help like this, you’ll be breaking fitness records before you know it!


Access to Education 

Technology has become a powerful driver in making significant changes to education. Access to information is fast becoming wide spread and the educational resources that are now available (many of them free!) has meant that people are empowered to inform and equip themselves where they have the desire to learn something. More than that there now exists a new world of learning possibilities that are suited to all kinds of learning styles and approaches. 

Think coding! iStore offers an exciting range of educational toys that go better with iPhone and iPad such as Jimu and Sphero along with the Sphero Edu app. Give your child a head-start on 21st century skills!


Travel made easy

The logistics and admin involved in getting from point A to point B these days is no longer a factor to consider because thanks to technology, it’s just that easy. With lightening quick access to booking or navigation apps via your Apple device getting to where you want to go is no sweat. Keeping in touch with loved ones or staying on top of work while you’re away means that people can travel and stay connected in ways they never could before. 

Keeping your tech in tact is essential when it comes to travelling. It’s also a fun way to add some colour and personalise your favourite Apple product. Choose from a massive range of cases and covers to pair with your Apple devices at iStore; bands for your Apple Watch and a quality range of bags for your Mac and covers for your iPad and iPhone. We’re here to make sure that you stay ahead of the trend with quality accessories that just go better with your Apple products. 

At iStore, we’re all about about bringing you a total tech solution that is not only entirely personalised to you but also means that you get so much more from one device. Visit your nearest iStore today to see what accessories just go better with your iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch or iPad and we’ll take care of everything else! 

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