Be the best Black Friday Ninja there ever was

Black Friday Ninja

Shopping on Black Friday should really be classified as some kind of professional sport. Maybe even an Olympic one. It requires dedication, hard work, stamina, strategy and a serious amount of competitive energy. But most importantly, you need to be stealthy and nimble like a real Black Friday Ninja would be. With these kinds of skills, you can overcome any obstacle on your mission that threatens to get between you and that amazing Black Friday deal from iStore. Whether it be online or in store, here is everything you need to know on becoming not just a savvy shopper, but a real-life, legit, Black Friday Ninja.


It’s all in the preparation 

Let’s face it, Black Friday can be overwhelming for even the most experienced of shoppers. Getting your ducks in a row ahead of time goes a long way to squeezing the most out of Black Friday. Prepping emotionally and physically is key. 


>>> Do your research <<< 

No good Ninja goes into battle without doing a thorough background check. It all starts with making sure you get the required info. If you’re not signed up to be the first to know about what’s happening at iStore then stop whatever you’re doing right now and click here! By signing up you’re guaranteed to be informed and better prepared for when the big day arrives. Also, why not have a browse through the website ahead of time and familiarise yourself with all the awesome products available from iStore so that you know what you’re dealing with.


>>> Save up <<<

Black Friday is an ideal time to get some Christmas shopping done or nab a deal on that item you have been eyeing for ages. So make sure that you plan ahead and save up for the items you know you’re going to want. Set aside a small amount of money weekly or resist the urge to buy that weekly Krispy Kreme treat (let’s not tell the rest of the Ninja’s about this one shall we). - Remember that a little bit of savings over a period of time can add up quite nicely. Make a list in order of priority of the items you really want - this will keep you focused.


>>> Plan your mode of attack <<< 

Have you scouted out your nearest iStore? Plot your destination by clicking here. You may also want to give some thought as to how you want to pay on the day, is it with cheque or credit card or will you be using your iStore Card? Having an iStore Card gets you all kinds of benefits that ninja’s love like preferred interest rates, exclusive discounts every now and again and ways to upgrade your iPhone or MacBook every year. If you haven’t applied for your iStore Card yet make sure you go into the iStore ahead of time to sort this out as it can take up to two weeks to get. Find out more here.

It’s D day, time to put your game face on.

Any highly skilled Black Friday Ninja would know that in order to beat the competition on match day you need to have your strategy in place, your head in the game and every crucial element in place to ensure ultimate success at the sale. 


>>> Match kit checklist <<<

Having all the right ninja gear is essential on match day. If you don’t check anything else, make sure you that you check this, like do you have your wallet with you? Without this, we’re afraid you’re a total goner. Here are a few other things you should check to make sure you’re fully equipped for complete Black Friday domination:

1.  Wear comfortable shoes, comfortable ninja like clothing (nothing that anyone can pull so maybe a unitard is the way to go?) and do not, we repeat, do not wear the same colour t-shirt as the iStore staff. When every other ninja wannabe tries to get your attention and ask questions, you’ll know why and you’ll end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Nothing must break your focus, so keep this in mind.
2.  Make sure you’re hydrated but don’t drink any liquids close to opening time. A toilet break is only for weak ninjas. Eating on the other hand is a great way to keep your ninja energy up so carry some snacks and figure out a way to eat them hands free if you can. We’ll leave that one up to you.
3.  Wear your Apple Watch to keep track of your physical condition while you compete for deals at iStore. You can check in on all the calories you’ve burnt up by running up and down and it will also remind you to breathe and keep your cool when things start getting heated, whether it be in the queue or in the store. 


>>> Gather your ninja tribe <<< 

A true Black Friday Ninja is smart and will make sure that he has a competent sidekick. You may even have more than one, whatever you need to seal the deal. If you’re in the store then having a ninja sidekick at your beck and call means that you can maximise your time and efficiency. They can stand in the queue while you scour the store for deals or even gather intel around the store on other people’s strategy to make sure that you stay ahead at all times. A little bit of mutual encouragement also doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to maintain your ninja stamina throughout your Black Friday escapade. 

If you’ve decided to nab some online deals, you may be doing this yourself or even have a sidekick tapping away at a computer somewhere while you lead the charge in store. Whether it’s you or your fellow ninja, these things are key when shopping online:  

1.  Set up an online account ahead of time - don’t miss out on the limited deals by needing to worry about setting up an account on match day.
2.  Set up your ‘work space’ somewhere private and quiet. Nothing must divert your focus away from the important task at hand. You can even create a special Black Friday playlist online to really get in the zone.
3.  Train those fingers ahead of time with different types of strength exercises. You need to be swift when navigating your way around the iStore online shop to get the best deals. 
4.  Have your iPhone charged up so that you can communicate with the rest of your tribe throughout the day on your deal status.


Now that we’ve equipped you with all the know-how on how to be best Black Friday Ninja that there ever was, it’s time to get serious. Friday the 24th of November is the date that you’re working towards. Be sure to diarise it and get cracking on your winning strategy because Black Friday at iStore is bound to get your heart racing and your wallet smiling. Good luck!

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