Introducing Series 2.

Built-in GPS. Water resistance to 50 metres. A new lightning-fast dual-core processor.
And a 2x brighter display for increased visibility in direct sunlight. Full of features that help you stay
active, motivated and connected, Apple Watch Series 2 is designed for all the ways you move.


Superior Sports Watch

For all the ways
you work out.

Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS
lets you leave your iPhone at home when
you go for a run or ride — and still measure
your workout accurately. You can do
swimming workouts in open water, track
lengths at the pool, or splash with your kids.
And with the brightest display Apple has
ever made, you’ll see your metrics clearly,
no matter how much the sun glares.


Built-in GPS
With built-in GPS,
Apple Watch Series 2
can record precise
distance, speed and pace.


Heart Rate Sensor
A custom sensor
continuously measures
your heart rate while you
use the Workout app.


Water Resistant
Apple Watch Series 2
is rated water resistant
50 metres1, so you can use
it in the pool or ocean.


Workout App
Choose from 12 indoor
and outdoor workouts,
then set your goals
and get moving.

Advanced Activity Tracker

Every move counts.
So count every move.

Apple Watch Series 2 tracks
all the ways you move throughout
the day. So whether you’re walking
between meetings, doing cartwheels
with your kids or hitting the gym,
it all adds up.


Activity Rings
Your Stand, Move
and Exercise rings
show you how active
you are every day.


Apple Watch gives you
regular progress updates
and uses your success
to motivate you.


Activity Sharing
Share and compare
your Activity rings with
friends and family to
stay motivated.


Receive a distinctive
badge when you hit
milestones or reach
your personal best.

Powerful Health Tool

There's more to health
than fitness.

Since Apple Watch Series 2 is
always with you, it can help you be
more aware of your overall health.
It lets you easily monitor your heart
rate, better manage everyday stress
and add apps relevant to your
specific routines. So you get a more
complete picture of you.


Heart Rate Sensor
Measure your heart rate
throughout the day, and
track your history in the
Health app on iPhone.


Breathe App
Stay centred as a beautiful
animation and gentle taps
guide you through a series
of deep breaths.


Third-Party Health Apps
Add apps that help you
keep up with your
regimens and routines.


Health App on iPhone
Health and fitness
data collected by your
watch is stored on
your phone.

All-Day Assistant

Just what you need.
Just when you need it.

Get a gentle tap when a message or
call comes in. Access and launch your
favourite apps in an instant. Use Siri
to get things done with just your voice.
With Apple Watch Series 2, you can do
things quickly and conveniently right
from your wrist — so you never have
to put your day on pause.


Exclusive Nike Watch Faces
These faces feature Nike’s
iconic Volt colour and include
a permanent complication
for launching the
Nike+ Run Club app.


Nike Sport Band
Light, flexible
and breathable, it’s
perfect for runners
and other athletes.


Track Your Progress
Use the Nike+ Run Club
app to get a clear view of
your most important data
in one easy-to-see place.


Get Motivated
Receive reminders
triggered by your friends’
shared activity, the
current weather or your
own history.

A powerful new take on the original.

Track and share your activity. Measure your workouts. Monitor your health.
And stay connected to the people and information you care about most. Now you
can do it all even faster than before, thanks to a new dual-core processor.

A powerful new take on the original.


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