Smart Performance Fun

30Km range

18 Km/h top speed

Military grade shock absorption

1600W of engine power

Easy setup

Aircraft grade magnesium alloy frame

15 safety controls

Lightweight, compact, portable, durable


*Available in black and white only

Look Forward to each and every new riding experience.

Simplicity and elegance are the cornerstones of the miniPRO's design. This amazing machine reads your body's movements and, through advanced technology, keeps you balanced and ensures an incredible ride. In just a few minutes, most people will master basic riding skills and enjoy the miniPRO's speed, range and robust features.

  • 3 minutes
    Master riding skills
  • 4 times
    Faster than walking
  • 15˚
  • 30 Km
    Ultra-long riding distance
  • Self-induction
    LED rainbow lamp

Nervous About Trying a miniPRO?
No worries – it's super easy to get started.

Multiple precision sensors recognize and continuously read every move your body makes.
The miniPRO then, almost instantly, at a rate of 200 times per second,
makes adjustments to ensure your balance, speed and direction are maintained.

Four Times Faster Than Walking


Literally, four times faster than walking. How efficient is that? The miniPRO is not only stable it's quick and long-ranging, traveling at speeds of up to 6 kph and distances of up to 22 kilometers.

  • 800 w
    rated power, dual motor
  • 18 km/h
    Comfortable speed
  • 70 Nm
    70 maximum torque

Road adaptive.

Easily climbs a 15o incline along with humps in the road.

Contrary to it's sleek and state of the art profile, the miniPRO is well equipped for all the urban terrain. Our engineers have designed a dynamic power algorithm that automatically identifies small obstacles or slopes and dynamically adjusts the power based on road conditions, rain or shine.

Beauty for the sake of safety

Inductive LED rainbow lamp
The miniPRO's light is designed to enhance rider's safety in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. With customisable colour scheme for varying functions, stop, slow, and turn. You have a choice of up to 16 million colour combinations!

King-sized remote -controlled
toy via bluetooth.


With an adjustable speed and a 360o turning radius,
you can use your miniPRO to drop off items to
your friends , amuse or annoy your dog,
or even do some robotic dancing!

30Km ultra-long riding distance.


A package that delivers high performance with no cost to riding distance, the miniPRO
comes standard with an imported, cutting-edge 18650-lithium battery that is both
lightweight and sustainable for up to 30 Km. Durable and reliable, encapsulate this state of the art vehicle.

Your phone:
The key and your smart assistant manager.

With customisable software upgrades and settings, your phone can also serve as a remote control unit and dashboard that displays your current speed. Also embedded is a status diagnostic function which alerts you of any disturbance caused to your vehicle while you are away and also if any fault occurs while the Ninebot miniPro is in use.

Lightweight, compact, portable, durable.


Lightweight and compact, the miniPRO can fit neatly into small spaces, such as your car's boot, with ease. The compact 12.8kg frame is constructed using only the highest quality aircraft-grade magnesium alloy which only further accentuate its durability.


All in one alluminium magnesium alloy wheel hub.


Tires and wheel hubs are quintessential for the riders' comfort and safety. Compare to ordinary 6- to 8-inch solid tires, the 10.5-inch antiskid vacuum tire delivers better antiskid and shock absorption performance, while computer designed tread patterns substantially enhance stability and riding capability.

Aircraft-grade magnesium
alloy frame.

Utilising only the highest quality materials. Ninebot has produced a vehicle unmatched by any other in its class. Both lightweight and durable, the Ninebot miniPro is bound to endure the test of time, all the while keeping the safety of their riders their number one concern.

15 safety controls.

Rider's safety has always been and still is Ninebot's top priority for self-balancing transporters. With over over 400 patents, Ninebot and Segway have infused the miniPRO with more than 16 years of experience in safety technology. Patented technologies automatically stop the motor when you lift the vehicle or if it falls to avoid damage and injury. miniPRO has passed the reliabilty test for shock resistence, meeting military grade standards. More than 50 rigorous tests qualify it as a safe transporter. Despite a complete safety guarantee, raising awareness of safe riding is also required - so don't ride near people or vehicles or on highways.

Smart design everywhere.


Ergonomic foot-control pad for safety and riding comfort

The foot control pad is ergonomically designed to provide a maximum curvature radius for your inner leg, making riding as natural as standing. With an adjustable height and extendable handrail, handling the Ninebot miniPRO is a breeze, on or off the vehicle.


Innovative three-segment
extendable foot control for
personalised requirements

To meet the requirements of various ages and heights, miniPRO has undergone stringent design and testing so that every detail is perfect. To adjust the height, turn the height adjustment button counter clockwise and pull the foot control to the desired height. Then, tighten the height adjustment button by turning it clockwise.

The height range is 611 mm to 866 mm. For places that are not suitable for riding, the retractable guide bar with an inbuilt balance-assistance function allows users to pull the vehicle up and down slopes, much like a four-wheel suitcase.

Terms and conditions

In 25o ambient temperature, and with full charge capacity, a rider weighing over 70 kg can ride a Mini Pro on a flat road at a steady speed of 15 km/h. The speed is a measure based on the presumption that the normal walking speed of an adult is 1m/s (3.6 km/h). The actual number may vary with the road condition, ambient temperature, and mileage. Always obey traffic rules. Do not ride in snow, ice or on muddy roads.
The [Ninebot] App requires Android 4.3 or later and iOS 5.0 or later.
Please read the safety instructions in the manual carefully.